How Much Is Emma Coronel Aispuro Net Worth and Height in Feet or CM?

How much is Emma Coronel Aispuro Net Worth? Though there is no official deceleration on American-born Mexican Emma Coronel Aispuro’s net worth, money isn’t a concern here – as her husband, Mr. Joaquin Guzman’s net worth is staggering $14 billion (2016 estimates).

But, who exactly is the Mrs. “El Chapo” Guzman? The 29-year-old, who wedded Mexico’s most infamous drug lord (Joaquin Guzman) as an 18-year-old, is a former teenage beauty queen.

Amongst the most mismatched couple, Emma Coronel, 33-year his junior, earned huge media attention after marrying the world’s most-wanted drug dealer, Joaquin in 2007.

Coming from a highly criminal background family, it was little strange that Emma Coronel embarked on a modeling career despite being raised by father Coronel Barreras (Mexican drug dealer).

The 2007 Coffee and Guava Festival title holder in Canelas, Durango, she met notorious Joaquin at a party organized by her father back in 2006. At the time, she was only 17-year-old.

Somehow, besotted by his overall personality, Emma Coronel and Joaquin married in a very guarded ceremony with family members and some guest attendees.

Their only child, twin girls named Maria Joaquin & Emali Guadalupe was born in 2011 at Lon Angeles’ County Hospital.

And, now with her husband’s charges and imprisonment, she has become a scandalous central character in Joaquin’s trail.

Mrs. Coronel, the chief female presence in the trail of almost Joaquin’s trails, has emerged as an exception when a witness confirmed her as a co-conspirator in his 2015’s nearly impossible prison break.

Upon the discovery in 2019, media called Emma Coronel to be a loyal, fierce and cunning wife and mother.     

Emma Coronel Aispuro Height – 5 Feet 4 Inches (164 cm)

Emma Coronel Aispuro Height in Feet or CM: Popular as the curvy, busty wife of Mexican notorious billionaire Joaquin Guzman, Emma Coronel Aispuro is only 5’4’’ tall.

Looking a lot like a curvaceous superstar Kim Kardashian, the 29-year-old looks no less than a stunning A-lister celebrity herself.

Attractive with her natural firm breasts, undeniable allure, and lustrous black hair, Emma carries herself with great sophistication and style.

Owning her good genes to her biracial parents, the former beauty queen keeps her figure fit and fabulous by following regular exercises filled with core, & circuit training and tons of cardio.

Emma Coronel not only attracted Joaquin Guzman (one of the world’s richest man) but also win over her over 4,500 Instagram followers with her alluring, envious posts and feeds.

Although Emma Coronel Aispuro’s official Instagram account is secured for some reason, she reportedly has feed filled with images of furs, regular selfies, and expensive items – just like glamorous celebrities.

For someone whose husband is worth in billion, wealth has always kissed Emma Coronel’s feet. Speaking of lavishness, the huge houses, high-end vacation and enough money to live luxuriously for the rest life are just like any other day!

She may prefer to live a private life outside of the limelight nonetheless you can give her Instagram follow!

Last September, she again emerged in the spotlight when the picture of her surfaced on Instagram hosting her twin daughters’ 7th-birthday party at a sprawling house in Culiacan.