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How Did Dillon The Hacker Die? Dillon Prescott Henderson Age, Cause of Death, Wiki
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Dillon Prescott Henderson is a YouTube star. Similarly, he is known as Dillon Prescott Henderson as he is the self-proclaimed leader of 4Chan & Anonymous.

He is satirical Youtuber making ranting vlogs. His popularity increased as he made rant videos on PewDiePie.

Likewise, he had two channels one of which was hacked by a guy and he had to lose his channel.

How did Dillon The Hacker die?

The 20 years old YouTube star Dillon died on 29th August 2019. But some said that he passed away on July 2019.

There is no proof about his death in July. There are many tweets about his death. He made his last Twitter comment on Disney’s sitcom “Boy Meets World”.

Similarly, he posted his last YouTube video on 12th July 2019. The video’s title was “Freaky Friday (2003): The Worst Scene in Cinema”.

After that, there is no video on his channel. After knowing about his death the famous YouTuber PewDiePie tweeted saying he was such a young proficient comic.

Similarly, he reminded about the time Dillon trolled his fans. He ended the tweet saying “rest in peace”.

Furthermore, his best friend also tweeted about his death. He wrote a long beautiful line for him. The followers of Dillon are shocked by the sudden death of Dillon.

Dillon Prescott Henderson’s Age


The YouTube star Dillon Prescott was born on 5th November 1998. His birthplace is Mesa, Arizona. At present, he was 20 years and he would have been 21 years in November.

But, he died at the early age of 20. There is no much information about his parents and siblings.

He was secretive when it comes to family life. As he has not revealed any information about them.

He had a best friend named Kevin who is also famous as BG Kumbi. Kevin and Dillon went to the same school.

Kevin was a supportive person to him. He helped him gain more fan by promoting his channel.

Talking about his family, his father was a supervisor. He worked on offshore oil-ring which is the reason he did not know about His YouTube.

Likewise, his mother knew about his YouTube and he explained to her about his videos. Previously, Henderson had a girlfriend named Pupinia Steward with whom he broke up in 2015.

Dillon Prescott’s cause of death

As the YouTuber Dillon dies at such a young age. But the reason for his death is still unrevealed.

Furthermore, it is difficult to know the exact date and cause of his death.

Dillon Prescott Wiki

There is no Wikipedia of late YouTube star Dillon. There is Wikipedia of other famous YouTubers.

On YouTube, he has a channel name “Dillon The Hacker” which has 137k followers. Also, it is his official channel. One of his video from 4 years ago has around 2.8 million views.

He was a hardworking person and upload videos more often. As he is no more, his Wikipedia might be made.

The information about his life can be gained from various other sites. Furthermore, one day he might have Wikipedia.