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Being a celebrity’s children must be a wonderful thing because it would be a luxurious childhood but something concerning could be being under their shadow for all of your life. Some celebrity kids get out and become successful to establish their own identity but some struggle with it.

Honor Swinton seems to have crossed the boundary of being known as Tilda Swinton’s daughter but known more like a rising star and let’s read all about her life today.

Honor Swinton Byrne Wiki

Honor Swinton Byrne was born on 6 October 1997. She was a 90’s kid and currently is an actress.

To put it more accurately, she is an upcoming star. She has a Scottish descent and is best known for her acting credits in a show named ‘The Souvenir’.

She also acted in a movie called ‘I am Love‘ which featured her mother- Tilda Swinton in one of the most amazing roles of her career.

She was also said to be Sundance’s break out Star and that is a very wonderful thing to be said when you are just an actress starting to take off with the roles you want to play.

Honor Swinton Byrne Age


Honor Swinton Byrne is currently 22 years of age. A lot is always talked about somebody’s age especially when they are in showbiz.

The question is inescapable but I think age is just a number and Hannah being an actress must have the same thought because as an actor, you have to play pretend all the time and age does not determine what you do in acting keeping aside the industry and Hollywood studios.

Hannah Swinton’s Boyfriend

We do not know anything about Honor Swinton’s boyfriend because she is not known for such things as discussing her personal life with media. And the biggest proof of her shyness from media is that she has an Instagram account but hasn’t shared anything on it

Honor Swinton is an actress lot less known for her controversial stances or the flashy side of show business. Just like her mother, she is more known as a professional actress who keeps herself rooted in the singular cause of developing her craft and being a hundred percent about ethics and talent.

She is young and beautiful which must make for a lot of aspirant boys wanting to date her and she might be even dating one but who is it…we do not know.

Honor Swinton Byrne Net Worth $100,000 dollars

Honor Swinton Byrne is estimated to have a net worth of around $100,000 dollars.

Although the sources of that info may be under question, guessing from the fact that minimum salary for an actress in the USA is $ 17 dollars per hour and the fact that she makes around $80k dollars per year, she might be worth about $100,000 dollars.

In her upcoming days, she could even make a bigger net worth by newer brand endorsements and hit movies.