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Homer James Jigme Gere Age, Wiki (Richard Gere Son) Birthday, Girlfriend, College
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Homer James Jigme Gere is a son of all-time popular actors Richard Gere and mother Carey Lowell.

Richard Gere is one the finest American actor while his mother Carey Lowell is popular for her roles in “Law & Order”, “Six Degrees” and many others.

Being a son of popular celebrities, Homer James maintains to keep the distance from the media limelight.

Homer James Jigme Gere Age/Birthday

Homer James was born on February 6, 2000. 19 years old Homer, has been the center of the limelight from a very young age. Homer got his name from father’s name.

He is a tall and handsome man with dashing personalities. Even he hasn’t played any roles in movies he has many fan followers.

Homer James Wiki (Richard Gere Son)


Richard Gere and Carey Lowell were married on 9 November 2002. Richard is one of the popular actors of ’60s and ’70s. His acting career changed his life completely. And also, he is in the list of popular actors of all time.

Richard started his acting career in 1969. Being a recipient of prestigious awards including the Golden Globe award Richard is one of the finest actors.

Carey is one of the talented actresses. Her popular shows such as ” Law & Order”, “The Guardian”, “Six Degrees” have taken her career to the next level.

Richard and Carey together make a beautiful couple. At the beginning of their marriage, this couple shares a healthy and loving bond.

But, as time passes by there happens to be lots of fights, misunderstanding. However, they try to make their marriage work for some years but didn’t succeed.

They have one child together. In 2016, this couple finally got divorced. Homer, got a lot of attention during the periods of his parent’s divorce.

Though Homer was very young at that time he took his parent’s divorce so well.

Homer stays with his mom Carey. As custody falls in the favor of Carey, she took $4.5 million worth New York property.

Carey and her son Homer stays in that property. After, the divorce of his parents Homer shares a good bond with his father.

Often Homer is seeings enjoying a vacation with his father. Richard and Homer’s evens attends red carpet, film festival together.


Despite, being a child of two famous personalities Homer parents never force him to do acting. About Homer education, there is not much information.

There is a possibility of him attending college. Though Homer is the only child of Richard and Carey together he is blessed with his half brother and half-sister.

Homer mother Carey and Thomas Griffin Dunne have a daughter Hannah Dunne. And in 2019, his father Richard and step-mum Alejandra have a baby boy together.

However, Homer has maintained a healthy relationship with his father and mother.

Is Homer James Dating Girlfriend?

Homer is often seen hanging with his parents, friends. But there is no such news of Homer dating someone.

Homer is not active in most of the social media accounts. However, he uses Facebook to keep social interactions. Moreover, Homer is not so public about his life.

Some time paparazzi caught him hanging out with his friends. Although he is a famous star kid, Homer has tried to maintain much privacy in his life.