Everyone wants to earn huge bucks of money with the proper utilization of their education. As the job market these days fluctuates in high rate it is hard for people to choose the appropriate field that has good job opportunities.

There is no doubt that we want our gained education and skills to be in use. Here are the world's most highly paid jobs, so that you can make a right choice for your further study.


1. Surgeon - Salary $512,000 Per Year

A surgeon performs surgical operations, main responsibilities of a surgeon are to prepare for procedures, make files of the patient, plan for the operation and give an accurate performance in the operating room. There are different types of a surgeon like neurological, plastic surgery, orthopedic, and cardiovascular.

The salary of different types of the surgeon is different however when we make an overview analysis the basic salary of a professional surgeon is $512,000. The orthopedic is the one who earns little more than the other i.e. $519,000 as per the latest data. Cardiologists and Urologist earn $512,000 in average.

This is obviously the top paid job of the world but the more they pay the more you get responsibilities. A surgeon is answerable if anything wrong goes with any part of the human body while operation. It is the world's risky job to be done, one must be very much careful and think intensely. Undertaking this job is not a joke.  

2. Physician - Salary $196,520 Per year

The salary of Physician has increased at a high rate in past years. They are the one who diagnoses and give appropriate treatment for the illness or the injuries that you have. The main jobs of a physician are to examine patients, prescribe medicines, note down medical histories, make diagnosis tests, do follow-up examination of the patients.

They also recommend health care routine, diet plan, exercise, and different other ways to help patients get well soon. Their main concern must be promoting and maintaining as well as restoring good health of sick people. They do deep study and treatment to treat both physical and mental patients.

The high salary of a physician in 2017 has ranged to $294,000 as per their specialties. There are different types of a physician like primary family care doctor, internal medical doctor, dermatologist and so on.

3. Anesthesiologist - Salary $352,518 Per Year

Anesthesiologists are those physicians who are trained in perioperative and anesthesia medicine. This job is especially done by highly skilled people. The main job of the anesthesiologist is to check the blood pressure of the patient during the surgery. The other things they have to keep track of the amount of oxygen in the blood, heartbeat, and consciousness level.

They must be aware to manage the anesthesia given to the patient during the process of surgery. It takes four years to complete bachelor's degree additional four years in medical school and another four years of residency. In total, a person must patiently wait for twelve years to be a good anesthesiologist.

Professional anesthesiologists annually earn the sum of $269,612. This cost of an anesthesiologist is high as they help in managing the pain of our body. The monitoring must also be done after the surgery. It is a very stressful job.


4. Psychiatrist - Salary $187,199 Per Year

Psychiatrists are those who treat patients suffering from mental illness. They are specially trained to evaluate the psychological behavior of the patient, make required diagnosis and plan for treatment. They are educated to understand the complex connection that the mind and body of a mentally disturbed person is going through.

There might be different types of mental conditions like depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, eating disorder. And a psychiatrist must be able to deal with all of these disorders and give correct direction to get them out of it.

The annual salary of Psychiatrist is $215,290 in average. But the payment differs from the place they work. Some also earn less amount like from $192,910 whereas some earn high amount like $240,835 per year.  The rate of a psychiatrist and the range of their salary is increasing day-by-day as many people are being the victim of mental illness these days.

5. Pediatrician - Salary $170,724 Per Year

Pediatricians are doctors who are specialized in taking care of children. This branch of study deals in the medical care of newborns, children, and teenagers. The pediatricians range from oncology, neonatology, and hematology to psychiatry and development-behavioral pediatrics. One can choose to be a pediatrician who loves to take care of children and handle children's issues.

Pediatrician also workout in making health routines for small kids who are infected with certain disease. They examine, diagnose, and treat the children who are infected with varieties of illness or injuries. With more than six years of study and practice they will be able to deal with several natured children. They will know how to treat certain types of children.

The average salary range of a pediatrician is $170,724 but it various from location and work place.  Many people can make money from $183,180 to $193, 600, kids surgeon can earn about $250,000 annually. There are different categories that person can choose in this field. One can be a overall health doctor of kids whereas the other can be nerves specialist.

6. Dentist - Salary $172,350 Per year

Dentists are also addressed as dental surgeons are specialized in dentistry. They are trained to do the diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. The dentists are responsible to improve the condition of oral cavity making mouths, teeth, and gums germs free.

There are different types of treatment that people prefer to do with their teeth. Some people just clean, treat oral odor, teeth straightening, and others. The other duties of a dentist are fitting dentures, extracting teeth, filling cavities and much more. A dentist must be able to treat the entire problem that is related to our teeth and mouth. They must track the history of patient's dental treatment, prescribe suitable medicine or toothpaste and others.

The annual salary of a dentist is $147,361 but the price can range from $131,586 to $172,340. The salary of dentists will be soon increased in high rate as dental problems are in high rate in people.


7. Pharmacist - Salary $140,000 Per Year

Pharmacists are often known chemists are druggists are those who are a practiced in pharmacy. This field of study focused on the effective and safe use of medication. They distribute medication to patients with doctor's prescription. Those people also consult patients and prescribe medicines. Clinical pharmacists can get a job in clinics, hospitals or in healthcare settings.

They indirectly get involved with patient's care and also do the role of educating and advising patients. Those people also are in contact with health professionals, physicians, and nurses. Pharmacists must be very much able to identify the correct prescribed medicine.

The salary of Pharmacists ranges widely from places to places, when we calculate the rate of the Pharmacists is $140,000. Some may earn the starting sum of $90,000 and above. The average salary can range from $112,000 and $119,000.

8. IT Manager - Salary $131,600 Per year

The IT manager has a great job to do, they are responsible to evaluate and analyze the overall performance of any company's electronic network. The people involved in IT department are called Information technology managers or computer and information managers and they have the duty to guide the organization navigate the modern technology.

The whole group has to be managed by the IT manager and help them cop up with obstacles. He is the in-charge of the employees under him who are to be supervised. Same kind of coordination is also to be made with the top executives. The IT manager has to make worthwhile plans to upgrade existing technologies (hardware or software) and discuss with vendors for their service.

The most challenging task of an IT manager is he has to be aware of swift changes in the modern technical world. He must always be updated about the modification that has happened. So, this challenging job has a good amount of payment which is $131,600. This job demand and payment is increasing technology in the world.

9. Air Traffic Controller - Salary $122,950 Per Year

Air traffic controllers are the responsible person to coordinate the movement of air traffic. They have the duty to ensure the safety of aircraft and overlook the flow of air traffic in the control system. The sir traffickers monitor the altitude, position, and speed of the plane and give directions to pilot by the use of radio.

It is a very risky job as they must make sure that two or more than two planes are in safe distances and do not move in the same direction. This job is regarded as the most mentally challenged as the people involved in it has to make uncountable real-time decisions regularly. Air traffickers have to go through high stress dealing with equipment, human factors, configurations, weather and so on.

The salary of air traffic controller is around $12,950. This is definitely now same worldwide as it is determined by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, the salary growth of air traffic controller is increasing in yearly basis in several parts of the world.


10. Lawyer - Salary $160,000 Per Year

Lawyers are those who practice law, they are also known as an attorney, advocate, solicitor, or legal executive. They have the responsibilities to represent clients in legal proceedings like criminal works, civil litigation and so on. The lawyer has to prepare full documents which include the record of past, legal papers of the client, evidence, and others.

They have to manage and advise clients on the issues and problem they are facing. There are different types of fields which is a person can get specialization in law study. Some are crime lawyer, business lawyer, family lawyer, finance and securities lawyer, property lawyer, employment and labor lawyer, and much more.

As the field of law practice differs the range of salary also is not the same, some may be paid low, however, some may be paid in very high amount. When we rate the average amount of salary of the lawyer they have the annual salary of $103,929.