Choosing an undergraduate degree was easy. For me, I picked whatever I felt was easiest to accomplish with the least amount of effort. Most of us are too young to decide what we truly want to do for the rest of our lives, and are forced into a decision.

At the age of 18, we are all too preoccupied with other things to think logically about the enormity of our futures. The good news is, with the proper planning – most of us have the opportunity to reinvent ourselves with a Master’s Degree.

This article is for all out there to use and make a decision on which degree will pay you the most! All numbers are from Read more on the next page, number 6 will shock you!


10. Economics (MBA)

An MBA is common the list, but it’s important to recognize the divisions of an MBA and how each specialization will pay out. An MBA in economics will prepare you for a career in management or consulting.

The ideal candidate will learn how markets work and how organizations will add any benefit to the current economic environment.

Early Career Pay: $71,900

Mid-Career Pay: $136,000

9. Biomedical Engineering (PhD)

This unique degree combines the mechanics of engineering with the biology of medicine. Engineering students will work alongside medical students to create cutting-edge technology with a quantitative focus.

The coursework is strenuous and has a heavy coursework of prerequisites. Graduates should expect to continue in research or academia.

Early Career Pay: $86,800

Mid-Career Pay: $137,000

8. Chemical Engineering (PhD)

A Ph.D. in chemical engineering is another difficult but high paying degree to obtain. Students will study engineering with a chemical focus, and try to apply chemical and biological processes to engineering.

The future is bright for these degree holders, with many research jobs and food science jobs emerging.

Early Career Pay: $92,300

Mid-Career Pay: $138,000


7. Computer Engineering (PhD)

Looks like engineering is the field to get into! Number 7 belongs to computer engineering, a highly in-demand field with projected growth.

Prospective graduates can look forward to a career in software development and hardware building. Imagine studying tons of electrical engineering accompanied by computer science.

Early Career Pay: $111,000

Mid-Career Pay: $139,000

6. Electrical and Computer Engineering (PhD)

An extension of number 7, we see electrical and computer engineering taking the number 6 spot shocking! (pun intended).

Looks like adding another specialization in engineering really brings in the bucks. Students will focus on computers, mathematics, and physics to propel them into upper-level engineering careers.

Early Career Pay: $102,000

Mid-Career Pay: $142,000

5. Finance and Real Estate (MBA)

As mentioned before, an MBA has many specializations. An MBA studying finance and real estate can lead to a career in investment banking, underwriting, real estate development, and many more.

Studying upper-level financial modeling is required for many jobs, and students can anticipate high growth rates with an MBA.

Early Career Pay: $78,900

Mid-Career Pay: $143,000


4. General and Strategic Management (MBA)

Just like engineering had its streak, looks like we have an MBA streak now. An MBA in general and strategic management will prepare you to lead corporations.

You will learn business skills that can take any corporation to the next level. Just make sure your MBA is an accredited organization since online MBAs are rampant these days.

Early Career Pay: $84,000

Mid-Career Pay: $144,000

3. Strategy (MBA)

While this sounds close to number 5, there is a reason for a jump in strategy over general. Many consulting firms seek to hire MBA students with an emphasis in strategy to accelerate their careers in consulting.

Students will study business fundamentals and market analysis to learn how to foster growth within multi-million dollar organizations, leading to 6 figure incomes. Again, make sure you are studying your MBA at an established university to really reap the benefits.

Early Career Pay: $93,100

Mid-Career Pay: $148,000

2. Nurse Anesthesia (Master’s)

Nurse anesthesia comes as no surprise gaining the number 2 spot. Doctors who specialize in anesthesia are some of the highest paid doctors, and it is only fair that nurses will bring in a higher paycheck as well.

Nursing is a field with strong stability, and every operation needs anesthesia, making a nurse with this specialization virtually indispensable. The coursework is tough, but it will definitely pay off.

Early Career Pay: $139,000

Mid-Career Pay: $159,000


1. Petroleum Engineering (Master’s)

And number goes to a top 10 favorite, the field of engineering, specifically in petroleum engineering. Petroleum engineers specialize in oil mining and formulating methods for extracting natural gases.

The job works with natural or crude oils and works with hydrocarbons. As long as we are all pumping gas into our cars, this degree will hold the number one spot. Early Career Pay: $96,500 Mid-Career Pay: $173,000