The human taste is quite amusing; gold for one can be trash for another, a pleasing aroma of Limburger cheese for one man can be another’s offensive and penetrating smelling nightmare.

This food may look appetizing and palatable but you surely won’t bother to come any close around it. Well if you think that a smell of pizza left under your table for a week or your stinky socks smells bizarre then let me tell, you are absolutely wrong because these appear to be a fragrance of red roses in front of these stinkiest smelly food.

A horrifying and road-kill smell that wraps every store of Iceland truly emanates from Hakarl. The Icelandic may be proud of their national dish but it is something tourist may try at most once.

Hakarl is simply a Greenland shark or any other sleeper shark which has been prepared by fermentation process (basically buried underground for at least three months and afterward hung to dried out for few more months. Since it encloses a high amount of ammonia in it, the newbie may voluntarily scuffle while trying first.

Though Hakarl is readily available in most of the grocery stores of Iceland, it is often served in cubes on toothpicks at porrablot in midwinter.