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Henry Kerner is an American lawyer and Republican political figure. He’s the Special Counsel at the United States Office of Special Counsel.

Mr, President Donald Trump himself nominated him in May 2017. And, Henry reigns in the position since that October

As a former prosecutor, he worked under Republican Darrell Issa at the House Oversight Committee. Around that time he also worked under Utah Republican Jason Chaffetz, says his bio at Federalist Society.

Henry also served as staff director at Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations under John McCain.

While he has a vital role in the nation’s law and politics, here’s everything you need to know about Henry Kerner.

Henry Kerner Age

If age is just a number, they who do people get so uptight about it? While some celebrities smoothly lie about their age, others just don’t reveal their birthday.

Among such is Henry Kerner! We spent hours searching to find out how old this attorney is. Sadly but true, we weren’t able to unveil the facts on his birthday or age.

The man seldom speaks about his birthday, but Henry appears to be in his late 40s or 50s. But, that’s just an assumption based on his appearance.

Us Office of Special Counsel Henry Kerner Wiki


According to his Wiki page, Henry Kerner graduated from Harvard Law School in 1992 with his J.D degree.

He has studied history from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Henry spent 20-years working as a prosecutor in California before becoming staff director for John McCain. In 2011, he joined the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

While there, he investigated the federal bureaucracy and fought for American taxpayers, working under Chairman Darrell Issa, and then, Jason Chaffetz.

Henry left Capitol Hill in 2016 and had worked as staff director under John McCain before that. He then served as an assistant vice president at the Cause of Action Institute.

He left the group when he was hired by Donald Trump as the Special Council. In recent years, he seeks the fire of the White House consultant Kellyanne Conway.

According to Fox News Network, government watchdog Henry wants Kellyanne fired for breaching the Hatch Act several times.

How much is Henry Kerner Net Worth?

There’s no figure to Henry Kerner’s net worth but he has certainly amassed a whopping fortune from his glittering career.

He has worked as the nation’s watchdog throughout his career. For his role, he has obligated numerous roles for the betterment of law and politics. On the contrary, he has also enjoyed a successful law career for nearly two decades in California.

Is Henry Kerner Married? His Wife

Given that he’s living under the intense protection, it’s only natural that lawyer Henry Kerner has maintained low-profile.

He is very particular about the information he shares with the public or media. Henry also chose to stretch the truth when it comes to his personal life.

Due to his private nature, it remains unknown if Henry Kerner is married. But, when you consider his age, it seems to say that he is a family man with a beautiful wife and children to boot.