Who Is Henry Barrial From As We See It?

Henry Barrial is a well-known media personality from Hollywood. He is an actor, director, editor, producer, and a screenwriter. 

Barrial is best known for his works in Pig (2011), DriverX (2017), The House That Jack Built (2013), and Some Body (2001). 

Academically, Henry is a graduate with a B.A. in Psychology from Montana. While in his university days, Barrial used to write and perform in theatrical productions. 

 Barrial is one of the accomplished personalities of the American showbiz industry. He has been given credits for acting, seven credits as a writer, eight credits as a director, 2 credits as an editor, and 2 credits as a producer. 

Henry Barrial Age- How Old Is He?

We cannot identify the popular actor's precise age because the data about his exact birth date are currently unclear.

However, looking at his pictures and photographs, we assume Barrial to be running in his mid-fifties; various sources have stated Henry to be 55 years old as of 2022.


Barrial made his debut as an actor in 1997 with the TV series Sweet Valley High. 25 years later, he is still maintaining the same enthusiasm for acting. 

His recent acting gig in 'As We See It' is getting widely praised, and it seems like Barrial still has not lost his charisma as an actor even though he is getting on in his age.  

Explore Henry Barrial Parents

Henry Barrial has not revealed any information about his parents to the media to date, and he has been in showbiz for a long time. 

So, The curiosity to know about his parents among the fans has soared over time due to the mystery surrounding them. 

Even though we don't know much about his parents, we are assured that they are proud of his son.

What Is The Net Worth Of Henry Barrial?

According to FameRanker, Barrial's net worth is estimated to be $1,380,000. His salary alone is estimated to be $423,720. 

The showbiz industry is one the highest-earning industry, and Barrial have been a part of it for many years now. It is not surprising that he has amassed a fortune over the years. 

Barrial's net worth consists of his acting, producing, and directing earnings.