Henrik Brixen Wiki: Everything On Jane McDonald’s Ex Husband

Henrik Brixen Wikipedia Net Worth: Jane McDonald's Ex Husband

Henrik Brixen is popularly known as Jane McDonald’s Ex-Husband. After marriage, he even worked as Jane McDonald’s manager. Read till the end to unlock more facts related to Henrik’s Wikipedia and net worth.

More about the couple, they married in the year 1998. However, they later divorced after 4 years of their marriage in 2002.

Henrik Brixen Wikipedia Bio & Age

Henrik Brixen is yet to be documented by the official wiki, Wikipedia.

Nevertheless his ex-wife, Jane is available over Wikipedia.

As per Henrik’s bio, there is no much information found over the internet about him. However, he was born in Denmark. But his exact birthplace within  Denmark is still not known.

Similarly, at the moment, Henrik Brixen’s age fact is unknown. However, his ex-wife, Jane is 58 years old as she was born on April 4, 1963.

Henrik Brixen’s Children And Family

As per the records, the couple (Henrik Brixen and Jane McDonald ) is not recorded to have any children. 

However, Jane herself also doesn’t have children from her first and third marriage as her marriage with Henrik was her second marriage.

Moreover, just recently on the 7th of April, Jane McDonald revealed sad news regarding the death of her current partner, Eddie Rothe.

He passed away due to lung cancer on March 26, 2021.

Henrik Brixen has maintained his low profile with almost no information updated over him in any of the public domain. In the same way, there exist no details over his family life at the moment.

How much does Jane McDonald’s Ex-Husband Earn?

Talking over Henrik Brixen’s net worth, the fact is yet not available over the public domain.

Moreover, his earning and other income sources are also yet not revealed over the internet. Soon we will update you regarding the subject matter once the facts are reviewed.

Why Did The Couple Divorce?

Talking to the online platform, Mirror, Jane disclosed the reasons behind the divorce between her and Henrik.

The couple divorced as Henrik decided to separate as he thought he was being a hurdle for the success of Jane’s career. 

Furthermore, he fears that he was preventing jane from being a successful personality. In conclusion, the couple divorced in order to save Jane’s Singing Career.