Heike Boomgaarden Age Fasmily: How Old Is She?

Heike Boomgaarden Wikipedia Alter: Age And Family Details To Know

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Heike Boomgaarden is a TV personality an experienced gardener. She has been running an engineering firm for 20 years, focusing on realistic initiatives in the green sector.

As an authority in television and radio, she shares her vast experience and green vision with books, workshops, and lectures.

She has published two books to date; Essbare Stadt Andernach  which was published in March 10, 2016 and Giftpflanzen in Haus und Garten.

Heike Boomgaarden Wikipedia

Heike Boomgaarden doesn’t have a Wikipedia page dedicated to her. However, many other sites have covered her, and information regarding her is plenty.

Heike was born in Wiesbaden. She has a Diploma in Horticultural Engineering. 

 Heike Boomgaarden is a TV/Radio Presenter and a Gardener.

Talking about her hobbies, Boomgaarden loves activities like delicious cooking, reading, Monopoly, gardening, cinema, encaustic painting, and philosophizing among many others.

Besides her love for plans, painting is her other passion.

She started fruit growing journey through training at the agricultural development department of Höchst AG.

Heike Boomgaarden Alter (Age)

Heike Boomgaarden’s age is 58 years old. 

She was born on the day of December 8 of 1962.

She started her media journey late. She made her first media appearance at the age of 40.

Her first garden consultation was at the radio station SWR 4.

Heike Boomgaarden Family Details To Know

Regarding her family, her father is a mechanical engineer and worked worldwide moving from place to place.

Her mother is a beautiful and open-minded person and she followed her husband around to his work along with two daughters.

Heike Boomgaarden has three children, namely, Hannah, Adrian, and Marlene.

Heike Boomgaarden Instagram

Boomgaarden is active on Instagram under the username @boomgaardenheike.

She currently has 937 followers on the platform.