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Have you watched the American mystery horror drama TV series ‘Twin Peaks’? It is beautiful and it has got a whopping 8.8 stars on IMDB.

If you have watched the series, you might be familiar with the character ‘Deputy Andy Brennan’. The man who portrayed that character, Harry Goaz is the man we are going to talk about in this article.

Harry Goaz Biography

Born on December 27, 1960, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Harry Gaoz spent his childhood in Beaumont, Texas.

He studied in the University of Texas, Austin from where he graduated with a degree in Fine Arts. Furthermore, he studied acting under William Traylor at the Loft Studio in Los Angeles.

Currently 57 years old of age, the net worth of Harry Goaz is estimated to be around $1000 thousand – $1 million approximately. The primary source of his income is from the acting profession.

Harry Goaz Family


Harry Goaz was born to an average American family. The information about his family members is not available to public knowledge. He has been very much confidential regarding his personal life.

Moreover, the love life of Harry Goaz is as secretive as the information about his family. The actor has managed well to keep the information about his affairs if any from the general public.

At the current time, Harry Goaz is not linked with any woman and it is also secret if he has any child of his own. Because there are no facts, we can say that Harry Goaz is single at the moment.

Facts about the American Actor Harry Goaz

The full name of Harry Goaz is Harry Preston King.

Harry Gaoz did not have any affection for the acting profession before he graduated from college. He started acting only after he got his degree.

The acting career of Harry Goaz began only in the year 1989 and he is active in the industry as of today. That is about three decades of stardom.

Besides acting, Harry Goaz has also published a micro-fiction book with the title ‘Donald’s Holy Head‘ in the year 2013.

Harry Goaz is an American national while he belongs to the white ethnic descent.

Harry completed his basic level of education in the Beaumont neighborhood, where he grew up. After graduating from there, he moved to Texas for further education and building his career.

After graduating from the University of Texas, Harry Goaz met David Lynch who offered Harry the role of Andy Brennan in the series ‘Twin Peaks’. By the way, David Lynch is the director of the same series and he was described by The Guardian as “the most important director of this era”. Moreover, Allmovie named him “the Renaissance man of modern American filmmaking”.

Apart from his role in the ‘Twin Peaks’, Harry Goaz has also featured in a number of other ventures. Those include the TV series ‘Eerie Indiana’ followed by the movies like ‘The Underneath’, ‘Deadroom’, and ‘Earthling’ among others.