Let me tell you something. There is nothing that can help you stay connected to your partner so as to rekindle that spark in your relationship than getting into yoga poses together. It is not only good for your body and soul but will also improve your relationship the more. I hope you are eager to learn about yoga poses that couples can do together to strengthen their bond.

If you want to know more keep on reading on and you will find out exactly what am referring to.

Build a heart (The Heart Pose)

The heart knows your truest feelings.

Nothing connects you to your partner like the heart does. Yes, you heard me right! The heart is beautiful and very sensitive to the other’s feelings. 

The Heart Pose understands this and it is done as your back face each other while you are standing straight. Then take your hands and clasp them together, lift up both of your heads upwards whilst arching your backs backward.

Now, a heart-shaped symbol will be formed as you and your partner kind of falls forward ensuring that the back of both your feet does not come into contact with each other. Hold that pose for just a few seconds making sure both of you are balanced and you will get that lovey-dovey feeling that you sure have missed for a while. Sounds perfect right?