Hana Cross Nationality, Parents, Ethnicity, Net Worth: Facts on Brooklyn Beckham Girlfriend

Hana Cross Nationality & Ethnicity: Born-and-bred in London, England all her life, Hana Cross nationality is English.

The current paparazzo’s favorite luminary figure Cross is a British glamour model and new girlfriend of aspiring photographer Brooklyn Beckham.

For the last six months, the English model and Brooklyn, son of former Spice Girls Victoria has been in a public romantic affair.


But it looks like the fallout is already on the way following the growing differences and misunderstanding in recent time.

Cross and the eldest offspring of David Beckham had fueled romance rumors in late 2018 before it sparked like a wildfire.

Hana typically remained hushed about their relationship throughout the time. However, Brooklyn’s sweet gesture to post her pic on his Instagram made it clear to fans that they were an item.

Unfortunately, their fairytale romance seemed to have come to its end with the duo struggling to keep it together. Social media outlets have alleged that the couple is often blaring and arguing with each other at public more often now.

It was just a while ago Cross and her beau made their Cannes debut as an official public couple. And the tension could be easily witnessed between the two, having ended up lashing and screaming at each other.

Eventually, the security guard had to step in and intervene the couple during the Cannes Film Festival. It isn’t reportedly the first time the couple has had a public argument.

Before, Hana and Brooklyn were snapped in the lowest point of their relationship as they fought with tears following nasty argument.

And if the couple actually split, Hana too will join the long list of Brooklyn ex-girlfriend which includes Abi Manzoni. He also had a brief romantic affair with YouTube star Lexy Panterra and model Alex Lee Aillon.

Out of his all previous relationship, Brooklyn’s relationship with American actress Chloe Grace Moretz was most hyped. The on-again, off-again couple had the longest romantic history before calling it quits forever.

Hana Cross Parents: James Cross and M. Cross

For the girlfriend of Brooklyn Beckham, the brood of David and Victoria Beckham, it is not unusual to be under the media glare.

Still, it’s laudable the way Cross has understandably kept her profile low-key intending not to create a fuss in media.

A native of London, England, Hana Cross is the youngest daughter of parents – father, James Cross, and mother – M. Cross. However, being solicitous of her parent’s privacy, Hana hasn’t seemingly discussed her personal life with media and fans.

In fact, she hasn’t uttered a word about her parent’s as well as her elder sibling whom she is perceptibly too close.

Though she hasn’t spoken on it, Hana ethnicity is English and she is a graduate of London High School.

Hana Cross Net Worth: $340 Thousand Dollars

She is the rising British model and Instagram sensation who has made waves in the magazine following relationship to Brooklyn Beckham.

But even without the connection, Cross has made herself a significant identity in the industry as a fashion model.

She was just 8 when first started modeling in hometown London.

So far, Hana Cross has featured in countless of news magazine which reportedly raked her colossal net worth of $340 thousand dollars.