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Hadar Ratzon
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You guys may have not heard the name Hadar Ratzon that often. But, trust me when I say this, it will change pretty soon. Hadar is an emerging actress in Hollywood. And, the talent that she has an actress is phenomenal.

She recently featured in Netflix’s new limited series, The Spy. It stars famous Sacha Baron Cohen as the lead. He portrays the character of Israel‘s top Mossad spy Eli Cohen.

In the same way, Hadar plays the character of Eli Cohen’s wife. And, as you can see, the series is based on real events. It released on the 6th of September, 2019.

Hadar Ratzon Wiki (The Spy)

As per wiki data, Her full name is Hadar Ratzon Rotem. And, she is an Israeli actress. In the same way, she was born in Jerusalem.

Similarly, she has appeared in several theatrical productions in Israel. After this, she got into movies and TV.

She is popular for her roles in Rendition, Prisoners of War, and Homeland. And, she has acted alongside legendary actress Meryl Streep, Jake Gyllenhaal, Reese Witherspoon, etc.

And, now, in The Spy, she is sharing the screen with Sacha Baron Cohen. It is an espionage thriller TV series.

Within a few days from its release, this series has been able to garner love from the audience. And, Hadar has received recognition for her amazing portrayal of the character.

Hadar Ratzon Boyfriend


Well, Hadar Ratzon does not have a boyfriend. In fact, she is married. And, she is in a blissful marriage, guessing from her adorable photos on Instagram.

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Family Time!!:))))

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And, guess what, she has two kids as well from her marriage. Both of them are daughters. They are just adorable.

Hadar Ratzon Husband

By now, you know that Hadar Ratzon is happily married. Sadly, nothing more is known about him as of yet.

However, according to one of Hadar’s Instagram posts, she celebrated her 9th-anniversary last year in June.

Hence, the couple may have tied the knot on the 18th of June in the year 2009. Therefore, they have been together for a decade now.

Although Hadar posts photos of them together, she has not disclosed his name. Neither has she shared what he does for a living.

Hadar Ratzon’s Net Worth

Hadar Ratzon is a terrific actress. And, she has always proved her talent in every movie she has been in. Hence, she may have amassed quite an amount of net worth by now.

Although we do not know for sure how much her net worth is, anyone can make a guess.

After all, we know actors earn a great deal. Especially now, after The Spy, her net worth is bound to go up.

Hadar: Bio 2019

Hadar Ratzon is an Israeli actress. And, she was born in February in the year 1978. Hence, she is 41 years of age as of this year.

Moreover, her birthplace is Jerusalem. And, she was brought up in Hod Hasharon. In the same way, she studied at the Yoram Levinstein Acting Studio.

After that, she worked in various Israeli theatrical productions. Then, she began working in movies and TV.

And, now, she has landed a major role for her on Netflix’s The Spy.