Guy Gorney Wiki, Age, Wife, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Facts, Hunting, Bio

Guy Gorney Wiki, Age, Wife, Kids, Family, Net Worth, Facts, Hunting, Bio. Guy Gorney is a famous American trophy hunter who shoots animal while they are deep asleep. Become the center of controversy and public outrage, he rose into prominence when the video of him went viral on the internet which showed him shooting a sleeping lion to death.

But he barely gives a damn what people think about him, instead, he proudly shares his pictures posing with suffering animals after shooting them and flaunting his rifle.

Guy Gorney Wiki and Bio

Guy Gorney’s Wiki profile doesn’t exist yet, but his shameful deeds have been criticized by various sites on the internet which also includes his bio.

Described as a “coward” and “utter bullshit” to his tendency to kill sleeping animals, his dreadful and unconscionable action has erupted extreme outrage in people and media as well.

He came to the limelight after the video of him which showed him shooting a resting lion went viral. He was led to the sleeping lion by the guide while the video was shot in Zimbabwe around 2011. Right after he killed the lion, the guide congratulated him describing the flesh as an “exceptional lion”.

The video generated countless responses in anger at the so-called ‘trophy hunting” saying that only people with no guts to face danger, complexity, ache, and opponent indulge in that kind of stuff.

Guy Gorney Age – 64 Years Old

Guy Gorney current age is mentioned to be 64 which mean that he was born in the mid-1950s.

Appears good-looking and decent by face, his inhumane activity of killing resting animals in deep sleep has portrayed him as a monster among the media and people.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Illinois, Guy Gorney stands with a tall height and considerable weight with an average body built. He has salt-pepper hair, gray eyes, and tanned complexion which is probably because of his likeliness to kill innocent animals.

Guy Gorney Wife, Kids, and Family

Guy Gorney, a native of Manhattan, has disclosed nothing about his wife, kids, and family.

Only recognized for his insensitive way to claim himself a hunter, his personal life has been stored in low-fame while the days are not so far when the media and people surround his family and house if he doesn’t stop torturing wildlife.

Guy Gorney Net Worth

Guy Gorney surely has amassed colossal net worth which has helped him fulfill the penchant of his wild fantasy of killing sleeping animals like lion, rhino, elephant, and hippos.

No doubt, he has made enough money to carry a large rifle with him and kill animals legally to show his power and idiocracy.

Guy Gorney Facts and Hunting

Guy Gorney hunting career surely incorporates some interesting facts about him. Enjoys suffer and tear of dying animals, thousands of people regularly pass sarcastic and offensive comments with hasting the term “hunter” to him and has barely stepped out calling him a murderer.

Also, another interesting fact about him is that he describes himself as an advocate for wildlife while loves to sit on the back of animals he shot when they were asleep.

A self-proclaimed trophy hunter from Illinois should be charged and penalized for his sadistic behavior of murdering animals.