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Guilherme Prates | Daniel, Omniscient Netflix, Age, Wikipedia, Instagram
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Guilherme Prates is a 27 years old Brazilian actor who was born on 29 January 1993 in Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A lot of details about his personal life are not available on the internet.

Basically, he started his career in acting in 2011 when he was 18 years old. Until this date, he has done numerous roles in different movies and television series. People mostly know him for his role as Dudu in The Last Virgin(2016).

Guilherme first appeared in the 2011 television series called Jackpot as Daniel Bandeira. This was just the start of his television appearance. He appeared in 6 episodes of the series.

Though he has done a lot of hard work to reach this stage, people know him for Young Hearts(2012-2013), Motorrad(2017) and A Time To Love(2017). People, especially from Brazil know him much for his work.

After around 9 years in the field of entertainment, Guilherme has now been associated with Netflix. He has now appeared on Netflix’s series, Omniscient. And, the viewers are going to love him for the role.

Guilherme Prates Will be Seen as Daniel Peixoto on Netflix’s Omniscient

Guilherme Prates is going to embark upon a new journey through Netflix’s thriller series, Omniscient. He is going to play the role of Daniel Peixoto on the show. Prates will be the friend of the main character, Nina on the show.

Knowing that people are turning into Netflix for their entertainment purpose, it will be safe to say that, Guilherme’s appearance on the show is going to be a new step on his journey to fame.

Not to mention, people have already started to dig into his life after the release of the show.

Some other names associated with the show are Carla Salle as Nina(the main character) and Jonathan Haagensen is seen as Nina’s Co-worker. Likewise, Marco Antonio Pamio plays Nina’s father. Likewise, we can see Sandra Corveloni as Judite Almeida on the show,

Guilherme Prates Age and Wikipedia Details


Omniscient actor, Guilherme Prates is running in the 27th year of his age, but his Wikipedia page does not contain more details about his life.

Having said that the records of his works have been listed by the IMDb page. According to IMDb, he has done around 8 television series until now. Some of the popular works done by this actor are, The Young Hearts, A Time To Love and Omniscient in recent times.

Similarly, he became popular for his work in the 2016 film, The Last Virgin.

Brazil-born, Guilherme knows what his audience desire from him and does not hesitate to bring his skill on the table. This way, it will be safe to say that, he has a bright future ahead. Though, he has not received as much fame as he deserves to this date.

But, we hope, his recent work in Omniscient will change the way people look at him.

Guilherme is not on Instagram

Guilherme Prates is surprisingly not on Instagram.

While almost everyone in the world communicates with the help of social media these days, Guilherme has not been found on any social media sites as of yet. This is surprising and amusing at the same time.

We believe that this actor needs to start being on social media for his fandom at least.