Meet Olga Frycz Partner Grzegorz Sobieszka: Everything About Him

Olga Frycz Partner Grzegorz Sobieszka: Wikipedia Job And Net Worth

Grzegorz Sobieszka is Olga Frycz partner. The pair are in the limelight after the public announcement of the end of their relationship. Lets get to know more about him.

Grzegorz is a professional bodybuilder and MMA trainer. He is well known as the ex-fiance of famous Polish film and Television actress Olga Frycz.

The couple was together for quite a long time, and their union is blessed with a beautiful baby daughter named Helenka, born in 2017.

Is Grzegorz Sobieszka On Wikipedia?

No Grzegorz Sobieszka Wikipedia is undocumented.

However, one can know him better with this article. Sobieszka makes sure that his MMA players stay in peak physical condition as a part of his job.

In addition, he also works as a brand ambassador for various fitness brands. 

Although Wikipedia has not featured Grzegorz, his ex-partner has a well-documented bio on the Wiki page. As per Wikipedia, Olga is a trendy Polish actress.

She has appeared in several movies like “All That I Love,” “Weiser,” “Edges of the Lord,” as well as several other Television series.

Insight into Grzegorz Sobieszka’s Net Worth

Grzegorz’s net worth is off the record right now.

On the contrary, his ex-fiance Olga is expected to have a net worth of around US $3 million.

Sobieszka must be living a comfortable life from his Successful career as an MMA coach.

Grzegorz Sobieszka Age

Grzegorz Sobieszka age is estimated to be in the mid 40s.

Though the details on his exact date of birth have not been revealed, we assumed his age based on his recent pictures.

Similarly, we are not sure about his parents and family background. 

He was born and raised in Warsaw, Poland. Therefore, Sobieszka belongs to Polish nationality.

Meet Him On Instagram

Grzegorz is available on Instagram as @xgriszkax.

The Polish fitness freak has already amassed over 30 thousand fans following on the platform.