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Canadian-born actor, Gregory Smith has set up a soaring career in the entertainment industry. Such much fame, he has accomplished within his twenties is really huge.  As an accomplished actor, he has starred in more than 20 feature films such as ‘Closing the Ring’, ‘The Patriot’, ‘Nearing Grace’ and many more. Started as one-year baby, in television commercial for laundry detergent, he continued his exposure appearing in the numbers of print ads & commercials in televisions and has now turned to be the outstanding figure of the film industry. Graduating from the acting job, he has recently started his ventures in film producing.

As the son of mom, Terrea (teacher) and dad, Maurice Smith (low-budget film producer), Gregory Edward Smith took birth during the year 1983 on 6th July in Toronto, Ontario of Canada. He father was from UK whereas his mother was from America. He is from the acting-based family, as his mother used to play in father’s films and his both brothers: Douglas and Andrew are also actors. He also has a younger sister named Samantha. Smith holds dual citizenship i.e. of Canada and US. Primarily he carries the Ashkenazi Jewish and British ancestries.

Moving into his personal life, he has been found to be single at present. Since mid-2000s he hasn’t been found involved in any romantic affairs. Currently, a 31-years-old actress might have waited for his better-half to get married. His dating history has enclosed few periodic affairs. He had dated Melissa Schuman during 2003 and had dated Ashlee Simpson from 2003 to 2004. He was encountered with Jess Weixler in 2004.

Smith’s first exposure came when he was just a year old. His first job was in television commercial for Tide (a detergent). After series of television commercials and appearances in store catalogues, his first movie role came in children’s film ‘Andre’ (1994), which subsequently followed his appearances in movie ‘Leapin’ Leprechauns’ (1995) and it’s next installment ‘Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns’ in 1996. Next to that, he played opposite to Michelle Trachtenberg in movie ‘Harriet the Spy’ and in direct-to-video film entitled ‘Shadow Zone: My Teacher Ate My Homework’. In 1998, he appeared in three movies including ‘Krippendorf’s Tribe’, ‘The Climb’ and ‘Small Soldiers’. Smith starred opposite to Kristen Dust in movie ‘Small Soldiers’ which generally garnered positive reviews from the viewers. After 2000, series of famous independent movie roles have followed. He had played lead as Mel Gibson in 2000 movie ‘The Patriot’ and played Jim Younger in ‘American Outlaws’ in 2001. Around that time, he also gained a role in short-lived CBS drama sitcom ‘Kate Brasher’ and had also played a lead role in The WB Television Network’s show ‘Everwood’, which ran successfully with Smith’s Leading Young Actor’s award winning lead role as alienated and thoughtful teenager. In 2005, he starred in comedy drama movie ‘Kids in America’. He was highlighted through the movie for sharing 6-minutes long kiss with Stephanie Sherrin (longest on-screen kiss to date). Next to that, he starred in independent drama film ‘Nearing Grace’ and played a small role as Max Stanton in movie ‘The Seeker: The Dark is Rising’. Thereeftre, he played the young version of Young Jack (Christopher Plummer’s character) in Richard Attenborough directed period romance movie ‘Closing the Ring’. At the same time, he became familiar with the Hollywood moviegoers delivering the impressive gig through thriller ‘Boot Camp’. He had also appeared in 2011 psychological thriller ‘Dream House’.

Alongside acting, Smith has embarked his ventures into producing. As a producer his first project was a direct release-to-DVD movie ‘Wieners’ where Fran Kranz, Zachary Levi and Kenan Thompson played the starring roles. After that in 2011, he produced an independent film entitled ‘On the Ice’. The film revealed the story of 2 teenagers growing in frozen and isolated town of Alaska. He has also produced a documentary series entitled ‘Training for the Apocalypse’ for National Geographic television Channel. Alongside these, he is the co-founder of Qwiki. Qwiki is the technology that turns videos and pictures from events captured in iPhone into short movie. Yahoo has acquired Qwiki as of 2013 July.

Gregory Smith has already obtained a long list of performing credentials. Rose to prominence as child actor at the age of six through movie ‘Andre’, he has graduated to the numbers of independent movie roles. His acting credits are striking. His detailed biography can be pulled out from wiki. His fans can get his updates from his fan pages in Facebook, twitter and Instagram.