Gracie Nourbash Parents

Both of her parents were seen on the first episode of "The Voice" season 21. While her was also seen on the episode his identity is not yet reveled as of now, her mother was seen praying for the singer while she was performing on stage.

Gracie's mothers name is Roxanne Nourbash, she was born and bread in Illonois. Roxanne studied finance at the University of Chicago and worked as a credit risk analyst for Citi bank US. Roxanne supports Gracie tremendously as her social media and youtube page is filled with her daughters beautiful singing. 

Roxanne and her husband have 3 beautiful daughters Choloe, Gracie and Niki. 

Gracie Nourbash Age and Height

The singers information is not yet available on the web but by the looks of her in "The Voice's" episode we could see that her height was pretty similar to singer Araina Grande. So she must be just over 5 feet tall. Gracie revield her age while talking to the judges after her performance, she is currently 18.

Is The Singer on Instagram 

Gracie has an instagram account with the handle @gnourbs she currently has a following of more than 2300 people. She also has two other accounts on instagram with the handle @gnourbstyle and @gnourbsmusic. Fans can also find her mother on insta @roxannenourbash as she shares alot of content on Gracies singing.