Grace Helbig | Biography

In the past couple of years in the entertainment industry, YouTube have been catching up to the fame and success of television at such a fast pace that several YouTubers have been emerging as top celebrities in America and elsewhere. One of such talented and accomplished YouTubers is Grace Helbig. Born on September 27, 1985, Grace is a comedienne, actress, writer and a bona fide YouTube celebrity. She is the proud owner of her celebrated YouTube channel, Grace Helbig, which has been subscribed by over 2, 040,000 subscribers as of January 2015. She was also the host of her own web series called Daily Grace on the My Damn Channel.

Grace is originally from South Jersey where she was brought up as one of three children. She has two brothers and is the second child to her parents. She graduated from Gateway Regional High School located in Woodbury Heights, New Jersey where she participated in activities in track and pole-vault, winning a medal in pole-vault. In 2003, she started attending Ramapo College where she co-founded Baked Goods, a sketch comedy duo, with Michelle Akin. During this time she was also taking improv classes at New York City’s Peoples Improv Theater. In 2005, she competed in the Miss New Jersey USA beauty pageant and was eliminated during the semi-finals. It was in the year 2006 that Grace started making videos for YouTube after her college graduation. She spent five years in New York City and in 2013 settled down in Los Angeles to take her YouTube channel to new heights.

After two years of her joining YouTube, Grace was approached by the CEO of the entertainment channel, My Damn Channel, Rob Barnett in 2008 to host her won series on the channel. She accepted and shortly started creating content for Bedtime Stories, an R-rated twist on fantasy stories. The series developed to be Daily Grace and eventually in 2010, she launched Daily Grace as a YouTube channel where she posted daily videos. In three following years, the channel surpassed over 2 million subscribers and had collected more than 200 million total views. In 2012, she also became the host of My Damn Channel LIVE. On September 3, 2013, she started Grace’s Faces in collaboration with Bobbi Brown. In December 2013, she announced the end of her DailyGrace series after her contract with My Damn Channel expired. She relaunced it’sGrace channel and started posting on it as main channel. The channel subsequently saw a drastic increase in its subscribers and had been subscribed by almost a million viewers in 2014. Apart from her own channel, she has also been featured on other channels like MyMusic, The Most Popular Girls in School, AwesomenessTV, Epic Rap Battles of History among others. As of 2015, the channel has a massive audience of over two million subscribers and has amassed a total of over 70 million views. She uploads videos on her channel three days a week. In 2015, she announced that she would be releasing a pilot episode for a talk show on E! which will be called The Grace Helbig Project. She has been appeared as a guest star in shows like The Talk, KTLA Morning News, Alicia Menendez Tonight, Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda and Untold with Maria Menounos.

Grace is an accomplished actress and has appeared in several film projects in her career. In 2013, she starred in Camp Takota with fellow YouTuber Hannah Hart and has announced her participation in the upcoming Alex Winter movie, The SMOSH Movie, in which she will be appearing alongside other YouTubers like Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla and Jenna Marbles among others.

Grace is also the creator and host of her iTunes podcast called Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig and is the author of Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to Be a Grown Up. The YouTube star currently has over 836,000 followers on Instagram and shares her Tweets with over 922,000 Twitter fans.