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Gonzo Carazo & Christy Gibel
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If you watch a television series, Little Women: LA then, you must have known who Christy Gibel is. After all, she is a star of the series and widely known for it. And, if you are keeping tabs on her personal life, you might have an idea that she has a boyfriend.

Gonzo Carazo is the boyfriend we are talking about. Although they have known each other for a decade, they only started dating from the year 2019.

In addition, they had to come a long way to be together finally.

Christy was married to Todd Gibel. And, she left him for their personal reasons. Right now, she is seeking an annulment from the marriage.

Likewise, she moved on with Gonzo Carazo. And, now, the news of Christy being pregnant with Carazo’s baby has hit the internet. And, people cannot wait to hear more about that.

Gonzo Carazo Age (Christy Gibel Boyfriend)

The couple seems head over heels in love with each other. Likewise, they are bending over backward to keep one another happy. And, just recently, Christy gave Gonzo a birthday surprise.

So, according to his Instagram post, Gonzo Carazo was born on the 20th of August. But, unfortunately, we are not aware of his year of birth. In the same way, there is no info available on it as well.

However, Christy is 42 years of age. And, Carazo is both happy and excited to bring their child into the world. Likewise, he also told that he was shocked when Christy got pregnant because of her age.

Gonzo Carazo Net Worth


By now, you might be interested to find out about Carazo’s net worth. But, there is little to none information about it.

In the same way, his primary source of income has not been revealed as of yet. Moreover, Christy has not mentioned anything about it as well.

Gonzo Carazo Job

While we all know that Christy is a reality television star, not most people know Gonzo’s job. In fact, there is not much disclosed about what he does for a living.

Hence, we are unknown to his job. So, we hope that Christy and Gonzo soon reveal it. In this way, it looks like Gonzo is keeping his personal details private.

Gonzo Carazo Wiki

Gonzo Carazo is the new boyfriend of Christy Gibel. And, they have known each other for 10 years by now. Likewise, he is from New York.

The couple started dating recently after their long friendship. In the same way, Christy has gotten pregnant with Carazo’s baby.

It will be their first baby together but it will be the third one for her Christy.

Gonzo: Bio

Christy Gibel is expecting a baby from her new boyfriend. And. he is none other than Gonzo Carazo. He is the father of Gibel’s third-born.

He is a Costa Rican. However, he lives in New York. Gonzo has known Gibel for a decade now. And, they have finally confessed their feelings and are living together.

Gonzo Carazo Family

Talking about Gonzo Carazo’s family, there is not much known about that. But, through the Instagram caption of his birthday post, he has a mother and a younger brother in his family.

But, he has not disclosed much about them.