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Gok Wan Dating Partner – David Ames: Gok Wan is a highly acclaimed British fashion pundit, television host, and author of various beauty books.

Emerged into the public scene as an anchor of Channel 4 reality show ‘How to Look Good Naked’, Wan later presented multiple TV shows including short-lived reality program ‘Miss Naked Beauty’ and ‘Gok’s Fashion Fix’.

Inclining from the forte, he has also created documentaries on social issues amidst youth sketching own personal scuffle with homophobia and obesity.

Ever since he got his big break from Channel 4’s reality show ‘How to Look Good Naked’, Gok has been strangely secretive about his private life.

The fashion consultant has seemingly attempted to keep his romantic life away from the spotlight and never opened up if he is still single or romantically involved.

In 2016, speculations were made that Gok had finally found his love with Holby City famed British actor David Ames who portrays the character of Dr. Dominic Copeland.

The rumors of their affair circulated after the fashion guru was spotted enclosing his arms around the actor at a star-studded party hosted by Diva Magazine.

The news was reportedly confirmed by Wan’s close friend Daniel Hughes who claimed that the stars are together. It’s been two years now for the news so it’s yet confirmed if David still is his partner or not but they really make a great couple together.  

Previously Gok had mentioned that he had slept with ’21 and a half men’ as well as multiple women and had confessed that he lost his virginity while still a minor

Gok Wan Net Worth – $2 Million Dollars

The British TV host and fashion consultant Gok Wan have a reported net worth of $2 million garnered through his prolonged career in television and fashion industry.

Rose to prominence with a reality show ‘How to Look Good’, Gok has worked as an opinion columnist for numerous magazines including ‘Marie Claire’, ‘Cosmopolitan’, and ‘People’.

In more than 12 years of career as a fashion consultant and TV anchor, he has appeared in more than a dozen of television shows including ‘The Wright Stuff’ ‘Big Brother’s Little Brother’ and ‘Gok’s Fashion Fix’ which might have racked him a lucrative amount of fortune

Gok Wan Family. How he was bullied being a Gay?


Born as Kowkhyn Wan in Leicester, England, Gok is the son of Chinese father John Tung Shing Wan and English mother Myra Wan.

His dad was a native of Hong Kong and had moved to England in his late teens.

Alongside his siblings, brother, Kwoklyn, a trained martial artist who instructs Jeet Kune Do and a sister, Oilen, a childcare advocate, Wan spend his early childhood in Whetson, Leicestershire where he also helped his parent’s at their restaurant.

Growing up, Gok Wan was subjugated and bullied by his classmates for being mixed race, openly gay, and overweight, weighing 133 kg.

Fascinated by performing arts, he studied at Babington Community College intending to become an actor.

But after completing his study, Wan joined Charles Keene College of Further Education and earned his diploma before attended Central School of Speech and Drama and persist his study in performing arts.

Throughout his years in the drama school, Gok struggled with his overweight and become dejected that he ultimately dropped out of the school.

Gok Wan Brother – Kwoklyn. What is he doing in 2019? 

He is pretty cautious about his personal life and isn’t interested in speaking much about it on a public platform.

Despite it, Gok Wan often mentions his brother Kwoklyn on media who is a proficient martial artist.

From beginning to till 2019, Kwoklyn has been teaching Jeet Kune Do in Leicester.