Gofar Hilman Wikipedia: Everything On Radio Personality

Gofar Hilman Wikipedia, Age Wife Twitter And Net Worth

Gofar Hilman is a prominent radio personality. Get to know his bio on the Indonesian Wikipedia.

Gofar whose actual full name is Abdul Gofar Hilman, is a radio personality who is also the MURI Record holder for the longest radio broadcast.

Moreover, this radio broadcaster has also appeared in several feature films, including I Love You, Me & You vs. The World and Midnight.

Gofar Hilman On Wikipedia 

Gofar Hilman has a bio on Wikipedia.

He is a very well-known personality, mainly in Indonesia, as he is also a YouTuber, actor, presenter, comedian, and businessman.

Gofar Hilman Age

Gofar Hilman age is 38 years old.

This multi-talented radio broadcaster was born on April 26, 1983, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Moreover, it is known that Gofar has a height of 5 feet 11 inches, and his weight is 85 kg.

Gofar graduated from high school in 2001, and after that, he did not continue his education due to the economic crisis and started selling punk music tapes, punk band t-shirts, etc.

Also, he has said that he worked as a Civil Servant until 2008 but later resigned as he wanted to pursue his career in radio announcing.

Who Is Gofar Hilman Wife?

Gofar has not revealed any information about his wife yet.

Moreover, no one even knows whether the radio broadcaster is even married or not.

However, his name is currently trending on Twitter after being accused of sexual harassment, but the Indonesian businessman still has not admitted that himself.

His Net Worth Details

Hilman’s net worth is estimated to be around $557 thousand.

However, he has not disclosed his actual net worth yet, but he has surely lived a luxurious life.

Find Him On Twitter

Gofar is available on Twitter under the username @pergijuah.

Here, this broadcaster has shared more than 56.2 thousand tweets, and a total of 787.5 thousand people have followed the Twitter profile of Gofar Hilman.

Also, he has an Instagram account as @pergijuah, which has 3403 posts with more than 864 thousand followers.