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American television and film actress, Gillian Anderson’s transition from a troubled punk teen to theatre actress to one of the most accredited actresses in television has been truly laudable. She was one of the most familiar faces in television throughout the 1990s and has now become a veteran celebrity. Born on August 9, 1968, Gillian never fails to amaze her fans with her dual accented voice. She is known profusely for her portrayal of Special Agent Dana Scully in the hit drama The X-Files.

To fit in with her peers during high school, Gillian had to adopt an American accent to mask her British tone. She uses these two accents on screen as well as her real life. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois but has lived in various places growing up. She lived in Porto Rico for some time and moved to London where she adopted the local accent. She relocated to Grand Rapids, Michigan where she graduated from City High-Middle School in 1986. As a teenager, she developed interests in marine biology and later theatre. She went on to attend The Theatre School at DePaul University from where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She was then accepted into Cornell University for a summer program. Gillian is a mother to three children. She has been married twice, to Clyde Klotz and Julian Ozanne. Her first child was born from her relationship with Clyde in 1994. She has two sons with Mark Griffiths with whom she broke up in 2012.

At the age of 22, Gillian took her dreams to New York where she supported her acting career by waitressing. She started appearing in plays at the Manhattan Theatre Club and Long Wharf Theatre. In 1992, she tried her hands in Los Angeles and was subsequently cast in Class of ’96 on Fox Network. She was enthralled by the female lead in the new script that she was sent which would become her most famous role in television. She appeared on The X Files opposite David Duchovny for all nine seasons, departing in 2002. She reprised her role in the film adaptations too, the latest one The X Files: I Want to Believe was released in 2008. She received the highest honors in television for her performances including a Golden Globe award and an Emmy Award. She kept up her pace in film with movies like Chicago Cab, Playing by Heart, The Mighty and The House of Mirth, the latter brought her several awards including the British Independent Film Award for Best Actress. After the series finale of The X Files, Gillian found herself in London where she decided to continue acting on stage. In 2005, she was cast in BBC’s Bleak House, The Mighty Celt and A Cock and Bull Story. She later was considered for a BAFTA Award and Golden Globe for Bleak House. She made her mark in British film industry with The Last King of Scotland in 2006 also starring James McAvoy. A year later she followed up with Straightheads. In 2011, she appeared in a Great Expectations adaptation as Miss Havisham. The actress was cast as the lead in The Fall on BBC Two in 2013. She also joined the cast of Hannibal in 2013 as a recurring character and later became a regular for its third season. She appeared in NBC’s Crisis in 2014 and also guest starred in Robot Chicken. Gillian has lent her voice to a couple of animated characters in series like Fraiser and Princess Mononoke as well as for a single in 1997.

Gillian is associated with several humanitarian organizations like ACTSA, PETA, Survival International and Amnesty International. She has also dabbled in writing and directing. She was the writer for an episode for The X-Files which she also directed. She is the co-author of the thriller A Vision of Fire which was released in 2014.

Gillian Anderson played the female lead in The X-Files for almost a decade which catapulted her to stardom in American television. Her duality in accents has proved influential for the actress’s career in American and British television. Her recent performances can be seen in the series, The Fall and, Hannibal.