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Scottish nutrition expert, Gillian McKeith was undeniably a hot topic in the field of holistic nutrition for the past decade, albeit infamously. Born on September 28, 1959, she has launched her own recipes, health foods and authored several books through which she advocates a different approach to nutrition. Her book, You Are What You Eat was a staple for health and nutrition enthusiasts all over the United Kingdom. She has been able to build a multi-millionaire career based on her books and television appearances. However several critics have taken a stab at denouncing the nutritionist’s expertise in her field.

According to Gillian, her passion for healthy living has stemmed from her own unhealthy ways of eating during her past. When she was younger, she was inattentive towards her health which led to unsatisfactory living. She came across a holistic way of nutrition which she implied to her own lifestyle. After seeing positive results in her own life, she took it upon herself to change how people view nutrition and introduce others to this holistic approach towards health. She once attended a macrobiotic centre and was inspired to adopt a macrobiotic diet herself for several years. Gillian has revealed that she was quite ill during her teenage years because of her diet and in addition to it, she also suffered from migraine and scoliosis. After years of implementing her newfound approach on her own life, she turned her life around and even building a career out of it. Her health has surely improved as she says she has the stamina of a woman half her age although she is troubled by scoliosis. She currently resides in London with her husband and two teenage daughters. She is married to Howard Magaziner who is an American lawyer.

Gillian became a famous television personality in the UK after she launched her own diet show on Channel 4, You Are What You Eat. On the show she used strict measures to help her contestants shed off their weight, some of which were criticized by other health experts to be improper. She also hosted Dr Gilliam McKeith’s Feel Fab Forever on Granada Television. Gillian is an advocate of pescetarian diet system and strictly advises her followers against fried and processed foods. She is favor of detox diets. She is also infamous as the awful poo lady because on her show You are What You Eat she frequently analyzed her contestant’s excrements for her diagnoses. She also made them undergo colonic irrigations as a part of their routine which have been highly criticized by renowned nutritionists. In 2007, she also hosted a spin off show called Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress on Channel 4 where brides competed for an expensive dress. She has also hosted Supersize vs Superskinny on E4. Despite all the criticism, she was presented the Best Organic Business in 2005. Only a year before that, she was criticized by English physician Ben Goldacre for her unaccredited PhD degree which she obtained from Clayton College of Natural Health. She has also received a linguistics degree from the University of Edinburgh and in 1984, she completed her master’s education in America after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. She also launched her own website to promote her books and holistic recipes. She is also famous for promoting her unproven line of herbal pills for sexual benefits. She was reprimanded by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency in 2006 for the pills.

Following the series of negative press, Gillian decided in 2007 to drop her title of Dr. for promotional purposes. She has received criticism from other prominent experts besides Ben Goldacre such as John Garrow. Ben Goldacre even mentioned this issue in a chapter of Bad Science published in 2008. Gillian’s most recent television appearance was in the reality series I’m a Celebrity..Get Me Out of Here!

Despite having received frequent denigrations, Gillian McKeith stands by her holistic approach to nutrition. She has dedicated several years of her life to help people manage their health issues and many people have benefitted from her methods. She claims to be an expert in holistic nutrition and remains a devoted follower of the approach.