Giant dog breeds!! Oh yes, ‘Bigger is Better’ whether it’s a car or a dog. Around the world, you can find several Giant dog breeds and most of them are bred for Purpose.

In the ancient time, large dogs were bred to work all day as they are of great endurance to protect the farmer’s livestock.

20. Great Dane - Apollo of dogs

Great Dane is one of the biggest dog breeds in the world. Great Dane is popularly called German Mastiff or Deutsche Dogge in Germany whereas in France people know this breed as 'Dogue Allemand'.

Yes Indeed, German-breed Great Dane deserves the first spot for its Giant size. You can find this breed in several colors that include Black, Fawn, Blue, Mantle, Brindle, and Harlequin.

They are of friendly nature and are referred to be a ‘gentle giant’. Previously, Great Dane named Zeus (died in 2014) held the record of world tallest dog that measures 44 inches.

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Quick Info:

  • Height: 30-31 inches (Male), 28-31 inches (Female)
  • Weight: 50-82 Kg
  • Life Span: 6-8 Years
  • Dog Breed Group: Working Dogs
  • Origin: Germany