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Gentry Todd Radwanski Age, Wiki (Danni Baird Boyfriend) Net Worth, Bio
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The Southern Charm casually welcomes drama and this time Danni Baird and her boyfriend Gentry Todd Radwanski are the host. The recent season of the Bravo hit series showed the couple dealing with some relationship issues.

Were dating since long-time, their bond hit a speed bump after Madison tried to flirt with Gentry. Oh yeah, Austen’s beau Madison popped up on DMs of Gentry with some unusual conversations. So, are Danni and Gentry are still dating? Or have they officially split?

To know more about the love life and professional details of Gentry, keep scrolling below.

Gentry Todd Radwanski Age

The age of Gentry Todd Radwanski is still under the wrap. However, the lad seems to be on his mid-thirties. He is a grown-up man with strong physique and stunning good looks. He is a handsome Southern man whose charm has impressed thousands of women.

Moreover, he stands with a tall height and considerable weight. This middle-aged Pennsylvania chap has gray eyes, brown hairline, and tanned skin tone. His attractive stubble beard and muscular physique make him no lesser than any TV star.

A self-proclaimed outdoors enthusiast, he loves traveling, foods, and is interested in history. Apart from his work, he could be spotted kayaking, walking with his dogs, and enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Gentry Todd Radwanski Wiki


According to the Wiki of Gentry Todd Radwanski, he is a realtor and owns his own business. Furthermore, his website would be more helpful for you if you want to know about his profession. He states that he sold properties in Charleston for more than 7 years.

Gentry himself has purchased, restored, sold and gave his properties in lease. Hence, he is aware of best serves to his clients, from home buyers to investors and sellers. Have sold $30 million in real estate in three years, he also earned awards for his sales.

Currently, Gentry concentrates over his clients who possess properties and business in Charleston. He is a hard working realtor with a deeply analytical approach in the business. Before starting his career in real estate, he worked in his family business of commercial construction.

His family construction endeavor built hotels, government building, and school in the eastern region of Pennsylvania. Hails from a construction background, selling homes and investment ideas come naturally to him.

Actually, Gentry’s professional career in real estate started after helping his mates in their investment properties.  He currently works at the Boulevard Company.

Became popular in media after dating “Southern Charm” star Danni, he reportedly broke up with her. However, the couple seems broke up long before this Madison and DMs controversy. He recently posted a picture on his Instagram with another woman calling her “my girl”.

It looks like Gentry has already found his new partner who is also a Charleston-based painter.

Gentry Todd Radwanski Net Worth

Though the net worth of Gentry Todd Radwanski isn’t revealed yet, he surely has millions on his bank account. With his growing career in real estate business, he has earned a huge amount of money and recognition.

His impressive income is surely behind his luxurious lifestyle which he shows on his Instagram.

Gentry Todd Radwanski’s House

Gentry Todd Radwanski hustles on his career of selling homes and investment properties. He dreams to become a top real estate agent, however, he rose into fame as a boyfriend of Danni Baird.