Gayle Shann Australian Story Accident

Gayle Shann had survived a horrific farming accident on August 9, 2002.

She had to lose her right arm after being caught in one of the release pins. 

Shann was entangled in the PTO shaft which also caused several other injuries.

Even, her left arm was all torn out of the spinal cord. Gayle still wears one arm in a sling, but it has remained paralyzed.

Due to remoteness and lack of medical facilities, her recovery took time. 

However, she made the decision to remain at Centaur Park despite its accessibility. 

The strong lady still loves riding horses and has a big love for her land despite its remoteness.

Gayle and Mac were filmed by Australian Story just months after she left the hospital, as they were trying to adjust to a new life.

Who Is Mac Shann Wife Gayle Shann? Wikipedia

Gayle and Mac Shann are couples from Central Australia. Both are born and raised alongside cattle.

They married in the year 1999 and moved to Centaur Park on September 6, 2000.

The pair have been running a highly successful horse business on their cattle property in Myall Springs.

Gayle spent most of her life in the headwaters of the Burdekin River.

She calls, Mac has her arms and has been caring for her ever since the incident.

In recent years, Gayle has adapted to do things with her feet. She rides horses, drives vehicles, and is buggy.

She manages the breeding side of the business from artificial breeding to normal.

Gayle Shann Family Details

Gayle Shann was born to an Australian family.

She and her husband have no children. However, the couple talked and realized the best decision would be not to have children.

They love their horses and puppies. On top of that, Gayle and Mac share a special bond that no other couple has.

Gayle Shann Age

According to age, Gayle Shann is in her thirties. But we do not know the details of her birthday and astrolgy.

She learned about independence and hard work at a young age.