You do not have to conform to society just to be an inspiration. There are people who are waiting for someone famous to come out so they can find the courage to do the same. The same applies to gay people. The 10 most popular gay celebrities who truly inspire others are:

Sir Elton Hercules John is a proud gay man. He has been out for decades now. He is married to David Furnish and has managed to inspire others through his story and his boldness.

He is also a successful musician and song composer who has won numerous awards and gained a massive following. Elton John was gay for a long time.

He announced that he was bisexual and after marrying Renate Blauel in 1984, he realized that he was gay and not just bisexual.

The marriage lasted four years before they parted ways. He does not seem to have a problem with who he is. Elton John has at been the forefront when it comes to fighting for some issues.

He weighed in on his opinion when Australia was taking a poll on whether or not to legalize same sex marriage.

He used his life as an example explaining how life is worth living because he loves the husband.