Gary Numan | Biography

One among the founding fathers of synthpop, Gary Numan’s sway expands far beyond his sole American hits “Cars” & “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?”, which still plunks as defining latest wave singles. Originally from Hammersmith, West London, England, UK, Gary is a prominent singer, musician as well a composer. Though, he grabbed his max out of mainstream status throughout the late 70s & early 80s, he still upholds a devoted cult following.

Born on 8th March, 1958, Gary Numan’s full birth name is said to be Gary Anthony James Webb. He was raised by his parent in his homeland of Hammersmith, West London, until his youth. As a child, he went to multiple of schools, including the Town Farm Junior School, located at Stanwell, Surrey, Berkshire’s Slough Grammar School & the Ashford Country Grammar School. While in Surrey, he also studied at the Brooklands Technical College.

As a teenage boy, Gary Numan inducted himself into the ATC (Air Training Corps). Originally, he performed several other jobs including fitter for air condition ventilators, & account department clerk, among others. He as well served as a dispatch-boy with a local courier company, in Heathrow, London, where his dad too worked as an automobile driver. Gary’s first music band was namely “Mean Street”, who simply used him since he had scores of music gear. The young guy later got enrolled into “The Lasers”, & got introduced to Paul Gardiner, with whom he later launched the band called “Tubeay Army”. The foremost collection “Tubeway Army” was collaboratively recorded with Paul, Gary & Jess Lidyard, his uncle, on drums. During the recording of the very album, he noticed a synthesizer within a record studio that was being utilized by “Beggars Banquet”, his own recording company. It was the very discovery which encouraged him to set up making music with the use of synths. “Are ‘friends’ electric” was aired in 1979 & landed No. 1 in the singles chart of British. This was traced by “Cars”, hitting the chart again. Earning a worldwide fame all through 70s to 90s, Gary had become respected & acknowledge by his own peers, counting such eminent musicians as Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor & Dave Grohl proclaiming his effort an influence & launching cover edition of old Gary hits. Following countless successful & sensational music ventures, Gary in 2002 enjoyed chart victory for one time with the single entitled “Rip”, placing number 29 on the UK chart. To date, the winning artist has liberated about 2 dozen hit studio collections, without or without music bands. Addition to his earlier collections, Gary also came out with “Pure” in 2000, trailed out by “Jagged” in the year 2006. His most recent album was released collaboratively with Ade Fenton, entitled “From Inside: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” in 2014. This was liberated behind the release of his further 2 2000s albums, entitled “Dead Son Rising” (2011) & “Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind)” (2013). Today, thirty years behind his first recording, Gary Numan is yet recording studio collections & performing live. His present accumulated net worth is reported to be approximately 5 million USD.

Gary Numan has come out as one of the best example for the showbiz one-woman man. Though, he formally dated 2 beautiful ladies, Caroline Munro & Carole Caplin, all through the year 1984 & 1981, respectively, he has not seen anyone later to his nuptial with Gemma O’Neil. The duo is married since the year 1997 & has even welcomed their 3 beautiful kids together. As for Gemma’s brief introduction, she is originally from the Sidcup district of South- East London & is a part of Gary’s fan club. Gary use to live in East Sussex with his wife & children, until he settled to LA in 2012 October.

Positive atheist, Gary Norman is an avid backer of both the Conservative Party as well as Margaret Thatcher. Carrying a winning career in music, the artist has also made his hands out in writing, publishing “Praying to the Aliens”, as his original autobiography in the year 1997. He is also recognized for his passion for flying, a craze which her been featured in few of his musical videos, including “I Can’t Stop” & “Warriors”, among others. For further details, log on to Gary Numan wiki or either of his biography available on manifolds of the internet sites, such as imdb, &