Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew might be in cloud nine right now. It is because he is being recognized for his debut in the NFL.

He finished 22 out of 25 passes for 275 yards. Likewise, he had two touchdowns. Hence, he played great against the Kansas City Chiefs when it was least expected of him.

Similarly, he became the unsung hero for the Jacksonville Jaguars as he filled in for Nick Foles. And, he was able to make quite an impact with his solid performance

As a result, people cannot wait to see him back on the football ground again. After all, he did put on a good show recently against the Chiefs.

Gardner Minshew Salary

Gardner plays as the quarterback for Jacksonville Jaguars at present. So, his salary must amount a great sum.

As of this year, Gardner Minshew has the salary cap charge of  $542,904. In the same way, he has 2019 Cash Payout of amount $686,616.

And, now, looking at his career graph, it will not long until his salary increases even more.

Gardner Minshew Girlfriend


Gardner Minshew has got the looks as well. So, there might be many girls out there wondering if he has a girlfriend.

Well, it is for him to know and us to find out. Because he has not really opened about his relationship status as of yet.

In fact, we are not aware if he even has a girlfriend or not. But, we hope to find out about it soon.

Gardner Minshew’s Wife

Gardner Minshew has only got his career started. And, he is not married yet. Hence, he does not have a wife.

As a matter of fact, he may be single at present. Or, he may like to keep his intimate details private.

Gardner Minshew Net Worth: He Possibly has $1 Million Dollars

Gardner Minshew is the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback currently. And, before this, he has had quite a journey in his career. Hence, he may have accumulated a great sum of net worth.

He will be earning $495 thousand as his salary for his rookie contract. In the same way, he has a $542 thousand cap hit for 2019.

Gardner Minshew Mustache

If you have seen Gardner Minshew, you know that he has a great mustache. In fact, it does not go unnoticed.

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And, trust me, his mustache screams masculinity. This is why people have glorified it. In this way, his mustache is as famous as himself.

Gardner’s Height: 1.85 m

It is easy to see that Gardner has a tall body. But, to be precise, he stands at a height of 6 feet and 1 inch.

So, that is how tall he is. And, in meters, he is 1.85 meters tall.

Gardner: Weight (100 Kg)

In the same way, Gardner’s well-built body is a sight to see. So, it adds charm to his already pleasing personality.

He weighs around 220 lb. Similarly, in terms of kgs, he has a weight of 100 kg.

Gardner Minshew’s Age Facts

He was born on the 16th of May in 1996. Hence, he is 23 years of age as of this year. And, he was born in Flowood, Mississippi.

He went to Brandon High SchoolLikewise, he graduated from East Carolina University in the year 2017 in December.

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