Gangsta Boo Net Worth, Boyfriend (Lola Mitchell) Age, Wiki, Height, Married, Husband

Gangsta Boo Net Worth, Boyfriend (Lola Mitchell) Age, Wiki, Height, Married, Husband. The net worth of Gangsta Boo is $2 million while she dated DJ Paul.

Gangsta Boo aka Lola Mitchell is a popular American rapper. A native of Memphis, she is just another celebrated hip-hop artist from her hometown. She is best known for her debut solo album “Enquiring Minds” that was released in 1998.

Her debut album peaked at No. 15 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. Moreover, the album placed on No. 46 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Gangsta Boo Net Worth – $2 Million Dollars

The net worth of Gangsta Boo is $2 million. She has gathered the intense fortunes through her glorious career in the music industry. A former member of Three 6 Mafia, her critically acclaimed gold and platinum albums earn her major part of her net worth.


Furthermore, she also gains extra bucks through her live performances and music tours. Besides, her guest appearances and collaborations also shower her notable amount. An old-hand in hip-hop, there is no doubt that she will increase her possession in the coming days as well.

Gangsta Boo Boyfriend – DJ Paul

The hottest female rapper Gangsta Boo hasn’t revealed anything about her boyfriend. As she is self-occupied person, she hardly reveals her private life to the media. Even though she has a proactive Instagram profile, she has maintained a low-fame personal life there.

On her IG account, she has uploaded over eight thousand posts, but none of them depicts her love life. In fact, she fills the social media with her glamorous pictures of her.

Not to mention, she previously dated her groupmate, rapper DJ Paul.

Currently, the “Where Dem Dollas AT!?” rapper seems to enjoy her single relationship status.

Gangsta Boo Age – 39 Years Old

Gangsta Boo’s age is 39 years old as she was born on 7 August 1979. Also known as “Lady Boo” and “Queen of Memphis”, she shows off youthful looks. Despite her growing age, she has perfectly maintained her physique and personality.

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Gangsta Boo’s Wiki

According to the Wiki of Gangsta Boo, she was the first and only female member of the hip-hop group “Three 6 Mafia”. She was born as Lola Mitchell in Whitehaven, South Memphis. Her passion for rap began when she got a karaoke machine as a birthday gift.

Started her career as a member of “Three 6 Mafia”, she later signed a recording contract with Prophet Entertainment. She was just 16 when she signed her first record deal. With the group, she dropped four well-received albums. Their debut album “Mystic Stylez” in 1995 sold over 100 thousand records.

Later, Gangsta Boo left the group after the release of “When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1”. Talking about her solo career, she has released three studio albums. Her debut album was “Enquiring Minds”, then came “Both Worlds *69”.

In 2003, she dropped her third album “Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera”. While at Three 6 Mafia, she also worked with Prophet Posse and Hypnotize Camp Posse. Since 2006, she has delivered ten mixtapes which are solos as well as collaborated.

Gangsta Boo’s Height

Though Gangsta Boo has reached a great height of success, her physical height hasn’t disclosed. However, she seems to have a usual height with a curvaceous figure.

Gangsta Boo Married and Husband

Has dated several men in the past, Gangsta Boo has no plans to get married and have a husband. As she is a career-oriented woman, she tends to make money rather running after boys. However, she had said that she wants a man with tall height and sculpted physique.