All of us grew up making mistakes. Some of them were funny and some disastrous. Every one of us gave thousands of tests and gave a handful of wrong answers over our life. But I'm sure that the answers we gave weren’t as funny as the ones we are going to see in this post.

We don’t know if these kids are a pure genius or they simply made a mistake like every one of us. Maybe they were all stressed to the point that they gave quirky answers.

In our case, teachers always tried to trick us into the test but here the scenarios are different. These children tricked the teachers instead. These answers are for sure marked wrong as the teachers expect a different answer. Those answers were just chucklesome and too brilliant to be wrong.

No matter how much skillful we were as a kid, I am sure we didn’t match up the mark with these kids. We are now going to be a part of a laughing squad seeing this brilliantly wrong yet hilarious kid’s answers. So let's just jump right in.....

Wait... what?? this kid looks so experienced :d (chuckle).

This is a true story of every man who is trying to impress their better half. Dude, if anyone of you needs a helpline, here we present you a kid who is experienced and is a pro at handling women.