If you think you have the craziest vacation snap, take a look at these! They are even hilarious, humorous and unforgettable. Let’s take a glance at these 20 funniest Tourist Photo Ever.


1. Elephant Honeymoon

Tourists are surely having an unexpected experience. So, it would be better do not snatch other private time.

During long vacation, Elephant ride is on everyone’s bucket list. But riding an elephant, while elephant itself is riding another elephant is a rear experience. The reaction of the guy sitting on the elephant at the front is quite satisfactory.

And others are probably wishing that they would be just spectators instead of participants in the show. So, this happens when you interfere during others private time. This king-size animal is more focused on his sex life rather than tourism.

2. Giant Poop Ever

This is definitely the biggest poop ever. How can a man poop this much huge?

That’s ridiculous! Pooping on the seashore is definitely not a good idea at all. Even, though, his huge poop is taken to the sea, but it’s not good news for the sea creature. However, this type of crazy thing for tourist is completely a normal thing, isn’t it?

3. New Model in the Town

He is New Victoria secret model in the town. Somebody, please tell him about gender difference.

This is the ultimate outcome of ‘Man and woman are equal’ slogan. Or he doesn’t a good dressing sense. What do you think guys? So it would be better to take someone while shopping shorts. Otherwise, you’ll end up like him.

This short doesn’t even seem to be unisex. Anyway, it helped him to show his sexy curvy booty. Hope you guys liked that. Don’t you?


4. Nothing is more important than Photography

Is he taking a photo or giving a pose? Now, there is a dilemma what he is he doing.

Yes indeed, nothing is more important than photography. This man proved that Photography is an undoubtedly passionate job. Look at him! He is so much focused that he even didn’t notice about her seductive big fat belly. His passion is really appreciable. So, that he would take some more candid photo in coming days showing his gigantic belly.

5. Flaunting his Summer Swimsuit

New Swiss designed swimsuit available in the market. And he is the company’s new model.

Surely, this man’s new designed swimsuit would crash the fashion world. If you are still in doubt about your suit and body in summer then you need to learn something from him. This Swiss tourist flooded the internet with his seductive figure and new kind of swim custom.

He set a fire in Pampelonne Beach, France, and everyone is desperate to click his photo - An inspiration for man and woman.

6. Bus man Holiday

Everyone comes with their own baggage. But this man doesn’t give care.

When there is a will, there is a way - he proves this statement. Nobody can stop you when you are so much desperate to do something. However, this is crazy, how someone can sleep so comfortably inside the baggage chamber. I have to say, this man should get a standing ovation for his amazing sleeping skill.


7. Snow White got checked

Did they found something? Maybe there is something wrong with Snow White.

WTF! What is that Policeman actually searching inside snow man’s (He) skirt? Is there any defect in his body parts – It seems so. In fact, he arrested when he refused to pay the cab bill.

So learn something guys, do not ever try to cheat someone, especially when you’re in Europe. Otherwise, you know the consequences - they will check every part of the body.

8. Harmless Hello

The big fish suspicious smile is astonishing. But little girls didn’t like it at all.

Dolphin is surely enjoying his day out. That sounds unlikely but looks at that smiling face. The fish is scaring little one –probably he is saying harmless hello. But little girl didn’t like it at all. Yeah, it would be better if he stays away from her.

9. Love beyond infinitude

Love is in the air. And they don’t care what others are doing.

When you are everything seems to be beautiful. You can imagine that by looking at this couple, how much they are in love? Now, there is two symbol of love – the couple and Taj Mahal. Everyone likes to snap their most memorable time and they just did that.

Others are busy in exploring Taj Mahal and they are busy in exploring their deep love. Anyways, this loving style set fire on internet.  


10. Something insane is going on here

This is how police teach a lesson. From next time, this man will not even walk the way where the police are standing.

WTF is this? Come! On, somebody advises this police – stop doing it in public. Look at the face of that guy, this is really insane.

Even though, it is painful and embarrassing for that blonde hair guy but laughable to the spectators – and they are surely enjoying this snapshot. So, guys next time remember this picture before messing with Shamus.

11. Mischief at its height

Is he searching something inside the bull? Maybe, he is examining the bull intestine.

What the hell is he doing? Snapping crazy picture during vacation is casual but this much crazy is funny as well as embarrassing. Anyways, this may be the worth and most viral shot clicked around this statue. But still, what is he actually doing? Searching something inside the bull or is he a veterinary student.

12. These folks are having real fun

The eternal love story of Human and Mermaid. It seems he is deeply in love with her beauty.

Love is in the air. The love between human and Mermaid sounds like a movie script. Anyways, this old man is having a worthy vacation with his beloved mermaid. His grandchildren would feel proud to see his granny’s love story.


13. Weird family

Parents are enjoying their daughters crying. As if they don’t give a damn.

Family captured together is always memorable, heart melting. Only if every member is happy with a big smile and laugh – and that will give more happiness, when you watched them after three a decade.  

However, this picture doesn’t seem to be family photo and still, it’s worth-while. The parents are enjoying their vacation so intensely that they even ignored their howling offspring.

14. Parents are on Fleek

How can parents do this to their children? It seems they want to live their old days for a moment.

Parents on the move – they are so much in passion to enjoy their vacation that they half-buried their spoiled children. Maybe, they are thinking if they can send them back from where they all came. It seems now they realize life was more enjoyable without their small satin. Undoubtedly, they are the coolest parents in the world.

15. Spoilsports detected

Every family photo has a little spoiler. And in this one, this little master just did that.

Children are the real spoiler. In this picture, you can easily identify that kids are the real gosh. Probably, this would be one of the best father-son but that little monster just spoiled that moment.

It seems he is not happy with his father. But anyway, for him this will be memorable and is surely going to laugh out loud at his young age while watching his childish nature.


16. That Overwhelming Vacation

Parents are enjoying their son's swinging. In fact, he is misbalancing.

Undoubtedly, this is probably one of the most viral photos on the internet ever. Vacation with children, sometimes become some embarrassing. As parents were so much focused in their swing game that father is laughing with his child misbalance. However, the baby wasn’t hurt much. But still watch your children carefully.

17. Fun in the Sun

Oh great! Unexpected guest joined the party. But, these three doesn’t seem pleased.

It seems these beautiful ladies are not happy with their new friend. All three were crying with the terror as sea creature just took part in their photo sessions.

But don’t worry; it only wants to capture his memory with you. Remember, sometimes things don’t work as per the plan - and be ready to welcome your unexpected guest in your friend zone.

18. Finally got some nice booties

Look at her killer experience. It seems she will bite them.

Now that’s what I call booties. People often have some powerful and humorous pose. But this is something extraordinary. Look at her facial expression. It seems she loved those tight booties. Anyways, Hats off to her creative pose and expression.  


19. Leopard too wants a Selfie

If a human can take a selfie then why not animals can? Look at that leopard with his curious look on camera.

Tourist often travels to Serengeti Park, Tanzania for safari. And take the picture of animals. But what if animals itself wants to take a photo with you. Look at this man, he is sitting in his car and leopard joined him for self. Isn’t it incredible? Yeah, everybody wants to take selfie these days – even an animal.

20. A very seductive man

Oh, he has a sexy physique. He is an inspiration who wants to show their fat body.

Is it his real belly? That’s more attractive and seductive than that lady in a bikini. And look at his classical expression - that is damn cool. The big belly man is so much inspirational – even that lady is copying him.