Elephant Honeymoon

Tourists are surely having an unexpected experience. So, it would be better do not snatch other private time.

During long vacation, Elephant ride is on everyone’s bucket list. But riding an elephant, while elephant itself is riding another elephant is a rear experience. The reaction of the guy sitting on the elephant at the front is quite satisfactory.

And others are probably wishing that they would be just spectators instead of participants in the show. So, this happens when you interfere during others private time. This king-size animal is more focused on his sex life rather than tourism.

Giant Poop Ever

This is definitely the biggest poop ever. How can a man poop this much huge?

That’s ridiculous! Pooping on the seashore is definitely not a good idea at all. Even, though, his huge poop is taken to the sea, but it’s not good news for the sea creature. However, this type of crazy thing for tourist is completely a normal thing, isn’t it?