Fredrik Berselius Wikipedia: Everything To Know About The Chef

Fredrik Berselius Wikipedia, Age Wife And Net Worth

Fredrik Berselius does not have his bio on Wikipedia. But he is one of New York successful chefs. Let us see her age and wife in this article.

Fredrik is a professional chef who opened a restaurant in 2012, and the restaurant was reopened again in the summer of 2016.

Moreover, The New York Times has said that the flavors that Fredrik draws out of the vegetables, meat, and seafood are very much tasty.

Fredrik Berselius Wikipedia Bio

Fredrik Berselius does not have his bio on Wikipedia yet.

However, because of his cooking talent, many websites on Internet have included his bio, and his bio can also is available on the website of his restaurant Aska.  

What Is Fredrik Berselius Age?

Fredrik Berselius age is 37 years old.

This professional chef was born in 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden, and therefore his nationality is Swedish. However, the actual birthdate of this chef is not revealed yet.

According to Fredrik, he visited his sister Michaela, who was living in London and studying hospitality and working in hotels. 

The first experience of working in a professional kitchen was at that time in London, and it was then when he thought of becoming a professional chef.

Fredrik Berselius Wife

Fredrik Berselius is married to his wife named Katrina Berselius.

It is known that Fredrik and his wife have been married for almost 12 years, and they have a charming relationship.

Moreover, this couple also has a baby named Alida Berselius, born on March 22, 2021.

Is He On Instagram?

Fredrik is also available on Instagram under the username @fredrikberselius.

He has shared more than two hundred posts which have made 26.2 thousand people follow his Instagram profile.

His Net Worth Revealed

No information about Fredrik’s net worth has been disclosed by this professional chef yet.

However, he has certainly earned a huge amount of money as his restaurant Aksa is one of the best restaurants globally and has been providing the best services to the customers.