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At a young age of seven, Francesca Capaldi entered the world of television and has been a great addition to the list of Disney stars. Francesca who plays a perky school girl on Dog with a Blog is as vibrant and approachable in real life too. She radiates a confident demeanor and is a celebrity in her own right. She was born on June 8, 2004 and even with just over three years of experience of being on television, she has proven that she is definitely here to stay.

This adorable girl is a native of La Jolla, California and has been living in Calrsbad for some time where she is being raised by her Italian parents. Her parents have been really supportive of her; her mother even helps her connect with her fans through social media sites. Francesca isn’t even a teenager yet and already she has been conquering social media. With her mother by her side, she has been interacting with fans through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. She actively shares her candid pictures and the cutest selfies showing off her beautiful curls to over 633,000 followers on Instagram and counting. She is also an avid Twitter user with over 90,000 followers who can know what she’s up to next from her frequent updates.

Francesca might be little when it comes to her age but she is surely one of the most popular recent breakout child actresses in the business. She has been receiving major attention for her portrayal of the bubbly Chloe James on Disney Channel’s sitcom Dog with a Blog. The character she plays on screen is much similar to her real persona. Chloe is sweet, lovable and undeniably smart. Dog with a Blog also introduces teen actors like G. Hannelius and Blake Michael who play the role of Avery Jennings and Tyler James respectively. Avery is the step sister of Chloe and Blake and Blake is the older brother to her sisters. This is the first regular casting for young Francesca and so far she has been performing excellently on the series. Dog with a Blog ran its first episode on October 12, 2012 and as of 2014, the show is in its third season. Francesca made a movie debut with the independent film 3 Day Test in 2012. Previously, she appeared as a guest star in the comedy sitcom, How I Met Your Mother and gave a Young Artist Award nomination winning performance in A.N.T. Farm in 2011.

Francesca is just beginning to get acknowledged as a child actress. Her newfound popularity will certainly be useful in scoring more roles in future. She has been continuing her life off-screen normally, making time for school and friends, going to the movies and even dressing up on Halloween. As her Instagram feed suggests, she loves nail art and frequently uploads pictures of her beautifully manicured nails.

Francesca Capaldi is one of the new faces on Disney Channels. Nabbing her first regular casting on Dog with a Blog, she has been getting critical acclaim for her performance. As an actress, she has a lot to explore and learn and at the pace she’s going it won’t be long before she becomes an award winnign award.