Normally when you talk about NY police cop, you’ll probably come up with some 45-year-old, tall, muscular guy with a scary mustache. But my god coruscating Samantha Sepulveda is definitely not on your list of typical NY officer.

Pinch me! Ouch! Well, that’s everyone’s reaction when they see Samantha Sepulveda, the hottest real-life police cop ever on this planet. The 33-year old babe is a police officer in Freeport, Long Island and when she escapes her time from throwing the bad guys in the prison, she’s modeling in swimsuits and lingerie arresting everyone’s appearance.

In every other pose, she just kills the camera with or without the uniform. Simply, she’s a pure perfectionist in both on-duty and off-duty.


1. Immigrating from the Dominican Republic

Born in 1984, scintillating Samantha was just 5 when she left the Dominican Republic and moved to U.S with her mother and sister. But hadn’t her mom come to New York City to work in a factory, America would have never discovered gorgeous hottie like Samantha. So, a part of thanks goes to the goodie mom.

2. She was a lacrosse star

The Dominican-born officer was not just a beautiful face; she was also excellent with her studies and degrees. As a young girl, she loved and enjoyed playing sports. Her love for sports earned her a lacrosse scholarship from the University of Massachusetts.

She went on to graduate with a BA in management and follow up she received an MBA in finance from Hofstra University. However, instead of playing in a stock market to earn billions of dollars, she chose a path which leads her to the gate of Freeport Police Department. Sounds idiotic but she picked civil service to protect people over money-driven Wall Street.

3. Even her short height couldn’t shake her confidence

This bilingual babe may look small but she packs a great talent in her 5 feet 2 inches frame. She is certainly tough and brave enough to choose the career that she had not even dreamt of. Until the time she was a cop, her innocent looks fooled people because she looks like, she can be pushed and bullied around, but that’s not true. Her diminutive frame has a very strong and powerful woman underneath.

People may think that she must be crazy to choose a path of a police force with such a tiny height but that never shook the confidence of Samantha. Plus she never had to wrestle with the suspects as they were willing to get handcuffed by her.


4. After graduating MBA, She decided not to work as stockbroker

After the graduation from Hofstra University, Samantha learned that finance was not her thing. She wanted to work for people and serve them which she possibly couldn’t have done being in the stock market. So setting the sights on an FBI career she chooses a life in law enforcement.

The career may be rewarding one but her decision was fairly made on to help people. Beauty with a brain, athletic spirit, and urge of helping people, Samantha is as good as Swiss Army Knife. 

5. Difficulties and struggle while working in Freeport Police Department

After training in the police academy, this Dominican beauty joined Freeport police department of Long Island, New York in 2010. Although it was not what she studied for, she found the job more enthralling and gratifying than the one she had planned for.

Of course, it was not an easy task considering that she was a woman, on the top, a police officer but she took it as if it was just a piece of cake. And after all the hard work and struggles, she overcame the stereotype that was following her since very long.

6. On-duty advantages

With such charming and great persona, Samantha was able to bloom in the world of criminal justice. While her male counterparts struggle in catching goons and bad guys, Samantha was so gorgeous that the criminals were willing to get arrested. The situation is like cuff me, Samantha.

In one of the many scenes, while she was patrolling in the small town of Freeport, the man in the crime scene threatened to harm the police officers who had also beaten his wife. But the time when the suspect saw Samantha, he froze saying ‘You are the best looking cop I’ve ever seen’ and even asked her for a date. Well, Samantha was certainly the hero for the day because she saved her fellow members.

When Samantha is in uniform, she keeps a simple yet strong profile.  She ties her hair back and goes make-up free. However, she rocks the iconic blue uniform of Freeport Police Department than any other cop.


7. Started modeling career

After three years in the police department, on a friend’s invitation, Samantha walked the runway fashion show for a lingerie company, and that’s how she entered in a modeling world. Since then she has traveled the world modeling undies in Australia to Spain and UK.

When her contemporaries discovered that she had been hiding her secret under the starchy uniform, they initially ridiculed it. Later they did come around to support her modeling career.

Also, when she realized that people and critics had a lot to say about her modeling career, she slammed them like a boss. ‘If people find it offensive, they can close their eyes’! Samantha’s throwback to the critics, because she strongly believed that she was celebrating woman’s body and not objectifying it.

And though she has received ample modeling offers in the recent years, the selfie-loving cop has no plan to leave the force anytime soon. Also, her modeling career has no signs of dying down any near time.


8. Active with her charitable work and book

Apart from modeling and on-duty police work, Samantha has also been working on her book featuring her hardships and scuffles as a female police cop. She wants to pass the light on how she made her two distinctive careers work at the same time. She expects that her ‘American Beauty’ can bring out the best version of selves from the young boys and girls and hopefully inspire them.

Furthermore, she took out the precious time from her busy schedule and lends it to the project which builds sustainable energy plants in Thailand. Late but not enough, she can now put her financial skills to a noble cause.

9. Internet sensation

What started out as taking selfies in the mirror to become an internet sensation, it’s definitely a long journey for Samantha Sepulveda. But during this time as a model, she has earned massive 270k Instagram followers, the figures are pretty rising every single day. In addition, she has featured in the Muscle & Fitness magazine’ as well as Maxim. In various special occasions, she has been interviewed on plenty of media platforms.