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Fatboy SSE Net Worth 2019 ($500,000): As of 2019, Fatboy SSE’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000 dollars. He earned most of his net worth from his profession as rapper & comedian.

How tall is Fatboy SSE? (5 feet 10 inches- 178 cm)

Fatboy SSE stands at a decent height of 5 feet and 10 inches (178 cm).

Fatboy SSE Girlfriend


Fatboy SSE, the Instagram sensation is single as of 2019. According to a news portal, Fatboy broke up with his ex-spouse Jas and he is also being accused of beating his girlfriend.

And now things have quite turned messy for the ex-duo as Fat’s ex-girlfriend Jas is threatening to destroy his career.

Both Fatboy and Jas are going around saying bitter things to each other in their Instagram posts. Fatboy claimed that Jas cheated on him with another man whereas Jas claims that she never was with another man instead Fatboy was abusive towards her.

These all have led to conflicts between them which can’t be solved. For now, Fatboy has recently broken up with Jas and he is single.

Fatboy SSE Age (26 years old)

Born on November 16, 1993, in Irvington, New Jersey, Fatboy SSE is currently 26 years old. At the early age of 26, Fatboy is able to make his name famous in the entertainment industry as rapper and comedian.

Fatboy SSE Real Name, Bio

The real name of Fatboy SSE is Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough. Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough famously known as Fatboy SSE through his comedic videos is of African ethnicity and holds American citizenship.

Have you ever wondered what SSE in Fatboy SSE stands for? No worries we are here to answer your questions.

SSE in his name stands for Star Side Entertainment. He is too attached to the entertainment field obviously. It can be seen in his name.

The details about Fatboy SSE’s parents are not mentioned in the media outlets. But there is some basic information about his siblings. Fatboy has a brother named Darius Dk who is also into comedy.

According to some news portals, Fatboy had a sister but sadly lost her during street violence in 2008.

Talking about his education, Fatboy studied at Union Avenue Middle School in New Jersey. During his childhood, he was interested in football.

Fatboy SSE comes originally from a low profile middle-class family.

At the starting of his career, he tried selling drugs as a source of income due to which he had to go to jail quite a few times although he earned a good amount of money.

Fatboy SSE soon realized it’s not the way how he wants to take his career further. Then he began his rap career and started uploading music videos on Sound Cloud and YouTube. His recent tracks are Boobie from The block (2018), A fat kid Loves Cake(2017) and 2 Fat(2017).

In addition, Fatboy started to upload his invented jokes as comedy videos on YouTube and Instagram. Those entertaining comedy videos made him mesmerizingly famous on Instagram with 5.4 million followers.

Tyriq Thomas Kimbrough a.k.a Fatboy SSE has caught the eyes of many people through his variety of talents in music, comedy and hosting as well.