Many people get excited while traveling by air; it is pleasure enjoying the scenery, foods, and others. But there are also some jets which will obviously take your breath away when you hear their flying speed and let’s not talk about your trip on them, it's life-threatening.

But probably you will not be on them unless you are an astronaut or in the air force. Let’s check out some fastest plane on the planet used to explore the Universe and for battle as well.

NASA space shuttle was developed and operated by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). It is a low earth orbital spacecraft invented to investigate outer space of Earth’s ambiance.

It’s speed 17,500 MPH which takes 1.4 hours to revolve around the world.

The speed of this furious jet makes it as one of the most expensive planes of $450,000,000. It was named Space Transportation System (STS), taken from a 1969 plan for a system of reusable spacecraft among which it was single thing funded for progress.

Its first flight held on 12 April 1981 likewise its final takeoff was on 21 July 2011.

From beginning to last, 5 Shuttle systems were manufactured which were used on overall 135 missions launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida.

The Enterprise was the first orbiter prepared in 1976 for Approach and Landing Tests which had no orbital ability.

Later, four complete operational orbiters were built named: Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis. Among them, Challenger and Columbia got in accidents during a mission in 1986 and 2003 respectively killing total 14 astronauts.

The Space Shuttle is out of service with a closing flight of Atlantis orbiter in 2011.