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Farabi Davletchin Wiki, Age, Nationality (Bottle Cap Challenge) Family, Bio
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Viral trend, I guess everyone is familiar with these words. Nowadays, something unique goes viral overnight. You just need to post your unique attractive content on any social media platforms. Then, that paves way for your meteoric rise to fame.

It won’t take long for you to be famous. Overnight you will be a social media star. See, it’s not difficult nowadays to be famous. Saying this, I don’t mean to offend hard workers. However, it’s the truth of this technical era.

Likewise, have your Instagram been covered with a viral challenge these days? Probably, yes is the answer. I am talking about the Bottle Cap Challenge.

People are posting videos with a bottle, kicking it, loosening the cap and stuff. It’s the trending challenge these days. Farabi Davletchin is the one to start this amazing thing.

Farabi Davletchin Wiki

As mentioned above, Farabi Davletchin is a viral personality. He got the attention of people because of his post. Thus, there aren’t wiki details about him.

However, we gathered pieces of information via some sources. Farabi is a native of Kazakhstan. Professionally, he is a Taekwondo player. Currently, he is famous for the initiation of the Bottle Cap Challenge.

Furthermore, since Farabi became viral, he kept posting news stories on Facebook. The posts hints, Devaltchin is a world champion of Taekwondo and Hapkido. Also, he is an achiever of the first Dan Black Belt in Aikido, Hapkido, and Taekwondo.

In his videos, you can see that he is quite fit. It’s not ordinary. Farabi is a fitness freak and a fitness trainer too. Besides, he is also a star of KMS Kickboxing. From the age of 7 years, Bruce Lee’s movies inspired him. Thus, he made martial arts his career.

Firstly, Farabi went to try ballroom dance at the age of 13. But, soon he realized that it’s not his thing. Then, he started learning Karate. At the age of 15, he joined Aikido and Taekwondo classes.

Farabi Davletchin Age, Nationality


The birthdate of Farabi isn’t available on the internet. Thus, it’s difficult to track Farabi Davletchin age. Farabi’s nationality is Kazakhstani.

Farabi Davletchin- Bottle Cap Challenge

The initiator of Bottle Cap Challenge is Farabi Davletchin. He posted a video of this challenge on Instagram in June 2019.

In the video, he is round-kicking a loosened bottle cap.  But that’s not it. He is also making sure, the water bottle doesn’t get knocked. Also, the cap gets twisted and comes out of the bottle.

Though the challenge went viral as Bottle Cap Challenge. It seems Farabi called him ‘Farakickschallenge’ firstly. As per the caption of his video, he challenged Jason Staham, Conor McGregor, Jackie Chan, and Claude Van Damme.

Slowly, the challenging process continued. People started challenging each other. Even celebrities tried this trend. And, that’s how Farabi and Bottle Cap Challenge got fame.

Farabi Davletchin Family, Bio

Sorry to say, but, there aren’t family and bio details of Farabi for now.  We only know that he is Kazakhstani. He is a Taekwondo player and martial arts lover.