Famous People (Celebrities) Who Never Married  - We see celebrities having a romantic relationship on screen but never assume them being unmarried. There are many extremely popular celebrities who did not tie the knot with anyone. Some of them are in relation whereas some already have children. Here are 20 famous people (celebrities) who never married:


1. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio has dated many models, actresses but never made any intention to be married. He believes that everything has its right time.

The insanely famous superstar of Hollywood Leonardo Dicaprio is over 40 now and yet to marry. We can see him dating several actresses and models but it seems like getting into married life is not his cup of tea.

Of course, he seems happy and there is nothing wrong leading a single life unless you are satisfied with it. In his interview with Parade magazine, he stated, "That time will come when that time comes. The truth is, you can't predict marriage. You can't plan it. It's just going to happen when it happens."

Leonardo Dicaprio has dated many beauties (girlfriend) like British singer Emma Bunton, actress Bijou Phillips, Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen, Israeli model Bar Rafaeli, and several others.  We can say he is still a heartthrob and many girls would die to marry him.

2. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham did not marry which she says is the reason for being together. She says she is not that traditional to fit in a traditional marriage role.

It has been over 30 years, Oprah Winfrey is still dating her partner Stedman Graham since 1986. Several people complained about not being able to find the right partner to spend their life with. But Oprah has already found a cute and perfect match for her, so why do you think she never married Stedman Graham?

As per Oprah, she is not traditional enough and would not have been able to fit into the traditional marriage role. "The only time I brought it up was when I said to Stedman, 'What would have happened if we had actually gotten marries? and the answer is 'We wouldn't be together." Vogue magazine.

The main ground why Oprah Winfrey thinks they are together is because they have not married. Marriage requires a different way of being in this world, says Oprah.

3. Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais reveals the reason for not tying knot is he does not want any toasters in their home. He even does not have any desire to have babies.

Ricky Gervais does not see any point in getting married. He is in a relationship with partner Jane Fallon since 1984 but still not ready for marriage. Comedian, singer, and producer Ricky jokes, they do not want to get married because they don't need any gifts in their home.

He adds he wouldn't want to be in a situation that required their families to meet. In The Late Night Show with David Letterman, he said, "I don’t think there's any point to us getting married. We don't want any toasters, we never want out families to meet, that'd be terrible."

Ricky also confessed that they do not even want to have any children rather enjoy all their money driving a Mustang and Volkswagen.


4. Jon Hamm

Seeing his parents getting divorced and never remarried Jon Hamm lost his faith upon marriage. He ended his eighteen-year of a love relationship with his partner.

Jon Hamm, the Mad Men star, ended his longtime relationship with partner Jennifer Westfeldt in 2015. They started their relationship from 1997 and decided to get broke their eighteen years of togetherness. Jon Hamm said that he does not want to get married because he has no faith in it. Furthermore, he stated that he has no desire to have any baby.

"My parents got divorced when I was two and never remarried. So it doesn't mean anything to me"…."I don’t mean things to other people. I'm not judging it one way or another. It's just my experience. I don’t have that paragon of married life to look at and think, Oh yeah, that's it! That's what I want!" Daily Mail Online.  

5. Sheryl Crow

Sherly Crow says 'three broken engagements are better than three divorces', she is a single mother. She broke her engagement with Lance Armstrong in 2006.

The cheerful singer Sheryl Crow has already suffered her part of heartbreak and now it's time for her to live a desired life. She has adopted two boys, Levi James Crow and Wyatt Steve Crow, with whom she is sharing her life's happiness.

"Hey, I would love to get married – I'm still old-fashioned. But I don’t think marriage is the be-all and end-all. It's better to have three broken engagements than three divorces' says Sherly Crow. She dated famous actor Owen Wilson, English guitarist Eric Clapton, and Cyclist Lance Armstrong.

Sherly Crow even got engaged with Lance Armstrong in 2005, they started their relationship in 2003. But split on 3 February 2006.

6. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is with his longtime partner Evan Mendes since the year 2011, he has two daughters. It is said that they are already married but it has not been confirmed.


Ryan Gosling and his partner Evan Mendes is the famous couple of Hollywood who has not married yet. The interesting part is they are together since 2011 and also have two daughters Esmeralda Amanda Gosling and Amanda Lee Gosling.

Both of the stars have publically admitted about their love and have been seen together in many places. Many sources claim that this person has tied a knot in a private ceremony. It is also said that the relationship of this stars is very fragile which has only been fastening because of their children.

Ryan and Evan kept the news of their first pregnancy hidden for many months even the birth of their second child was a secret until she was born. So, maybe the claims about their relationship may also be true which is kept concealed by these actors.


7. Mary Louise Parker

Mary Louise Parker was once abandoned by her partner while she was pregnant with her first child. She later got engaged with Weed's co-star but cut it off.

The beautiful and graceful actress Mary Louise Parker is now living her life without men. Before, she went through a heartbreaking situation when she was left by Billy Crudup while pregnant. In her book 'Dear Mr. You' she has spilled all of her agonies about the breakup with Billy Crudup.

There she wrote"… My life is worse than yours in this moment, I wailed, I am alone. Look, see? I am pregnant and alone. It hurts to even breathe."…. "I'm trying to get through it but I'm by myself every night and every morning and no one, nothing helps. I'm sorry I yelled. I can't get my shoes on anymore. Please, I know I am awful, it's been made clear but look at me please."

She then began her relationship with the Weeds' star Jeffery Dean Morgan in December 2006. Later in February 2008 they announced their engagement but broke up in April.

8. Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is in a relationship with actress/model Scarlett Benchley, they started their relation in 2017. He has two sons with his previous partners.


In 2017 we could hear the news of Owen Wilson getting married to actress and model Scarlett Benchley but it turned out to be false. He later stated that they have been dating for a year. It is said that Owen now wants to get married and have children with Scarlett Benchley.

It is a known fact the Owen is the father of two, Robert Ford Wilson and Finn Lindqvist Wilson. Robert's mother is Jade Duell whereas Finn's is the outcome of Owen relationship with Caroline Lindqvist. Even though he had a child with these women he never thought of getting married.

9. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks stayed in a relationship with partner Erik Asla for five years and also has a child. They later broke up in 2017 in mutual understanding.


Tyra Banks is a famous actress, model, businesswoman and television personality who is her mid-forties and not married yet. She was in a relationship with Norwegian photographer Erik Asla from 2013 to 2017. Their breakup was drama free and Tyra stated they have broken up and now are friends.

This couple has a baby boy who was born in 2016 via surrogate. She even shared a picture of pink and blue striped hospital hat to announce this news. The couple was struggling to conceive but later tried the surrogacy method.


10. Al Pacino

Al Pacino the father of three children is still unmarried, he considered marring Jan but didn't. His daughters are from Olivia is from Olivia Rose and sons are from Jan.


The legendary "The God Father' star Alfredo James Pacino does not seem to have a fantastic love life. He established himself in the entertainment industry and became a heartthrob during the 1970s. This greatest actor was in a relationship with Beverly D'Angelo from 1997 to 2003.

Before this Al Pacino dated Jan Tarrant for a year from 1988 to 1989. In 2013 he was with his girlfriend Lucila Sola who is half of his age. When he was in relation with his acting coach Jan Tarrant, Pacino considered getting married but it could not happen.

Rather this couple decided to have a child, Julie Marie is their daughter who was born in 1989. Al Pacino also has twins, son Anton James and daughter Olivia Rose, with actress Beverly D'Angelo born in 2001.

11. Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane was publically seen with Game of Thrones actress Emily Clarke for around six months. They states long distance was main trouble maker in their relation.


Comedian Seth MacFarlane famous relationship was with the Game of Thrones star Emily Clarke. The main reason they state for getting apart is their hectic professional schedule and long distance. Emily once stated that people started questioning about her and Seth relationship.

This pair started together in 2012 and eventually announced their split in 2013. Since then Seth has hardly been spotted with any woman whom he claimed to have special attachment with. May be he is still searching for his Miss. Perfect.

12. Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has four children but still believes he lacks the confidence to be committed to one person. He says the extra marital affair is the key to a successful marriage.

Hugh Grant, British actor, and producer, believes casual affairs for his is the key that helps maintain a healthy marriage. Well, this father of four has not married yet as he has distrustful view of marriage. He admitted having the fear of commitment in his interview for CBS.

"I have known a few good marriages, but very few and other looks at me like they're pretty miserable, I don’t really think that's a recipe for happiness," says Hugh Grant.

He also says that a person cannot be fully committed in one relation. "I always admire the French and the Italians who are very devoted to their marriages. They take them extremely seriously, but it is to understand that there might be other visitors at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. You just never boast about. They never say anything, but that's what keeps marriages together.


13. Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham started dating Peter Krause in the year 2017 but has not decided to get married yet. This couple is hardly seen together in any red carpet event.

It seems like the Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham does not want to settle down. She is with Peter Krause since 2017. "I remember one day he asked me over to his house to play a board game and that's exactly what we ended up doing… It’s so interesting to me that there was clearly a connection there back then, I don’t think either of us was ready.

This dazzling couple is surely a couple goal but we could hardly see them coming together in public. They do not even make a red carpet walk in many events or share happening news about their love relationship.

14. Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder has been staying in a relationship with Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011. She has not considered getting married till date.

Winona Ryder was engaged to Johnny Deep in 1990. She once confessed that as her parents are madly in love for 45 years she also has to keep the standard really high. Winona has not quite thought about getting married but she also said that she has been happy with someone for quite a while now.

 "I was single for a while and dating and… I just didn't know how to do it! I've always been like that: when I was 15, there was a guy liked, and we made out, and I thought that meant he was my boyfriend. My mom had to explain it to me." Eton Online. She is dating Scott Mackinlay Hahn since 2011.

15. Benicio Del Toro

Benicio Del Toro has a daughter with Kimberly Stewart whom he was not in any kind of relationship. He was engaged to Valeria Golino for four years.


Benicio Del Toro on 11 April 2011 out of a blues announced that he was expecting their first baby with Kimberly Stewart. The shocking part was these people were not in any kind of relationship. Later Benicio first daughter was born on 21 August 2011.

Apart from this, Benicio has been seen with several ladies including Claire Forlani from 1995 to 1996, Alicia Silverstone from 1996 to 1997, Sara Foster from 2004 to 2006, Catherine Kenner from 2008 to 2009. In 1988 he was engaged to Valeria Golino till 1992.


16. Edie Falco

Edie Falco says marriage does not appeal her much, she is happy with her adopted son and daughter. She was affected by her parent's divorce.


Edie Falco is living her life as a single mother of son Anderson and daughter Mancy whom she adopted in 2005 and 2008 respectively. She is not sad because of being unmarried, she says she is very good how she is now.

She said confessed to Daily Beasts, "I'm sure my parent's divorces did affect me in some way, but also in my life, in general, I don’t see a lot of marriages that look appealing to me. Because I'm not married I tend to get a lot of eye-rolling conversations with people about their marriages."

17. Marisa Tomei

Marisa Tomei always listed work on top of her priority list which made her discard marriage. She says, she is not a big fan of marriage as an institution.


It is hard to believe that such a beautiful and attractive actress like Marisa has not got married. Well, we guess that's how independent Marisa Tomei is. It is said that work was on the top of her priority list which made her sacrifice many of her desires, even her marriage.

In one of the interview close friends of Marisa revealed that she never focused on having a traditional family life. Even in her youth, she was never pleased in settling down cause she focused on work.

Marisa once said, "I'm not that big fan of marriage as an institution, and I don’t know why women need to have children to be seen as complete human beings."

18. John Cusack

John Cusack has dated several beautiful ladies in his life but never thought about settling down. He sated Neva Campbell for four years but broke up.

We could hardly see John Cusack speaking on an issue related to love or his love life. John since the beginning of his career was successful in making female fans. He has been in more than dozens of relationship till date but never made any plan to tie marriage knot.

In 1992 he dated Susannah Melvoin for three years. The Neva Campbell and John came together, this couple dated for four years from 1998 to 2002.

John stayed together with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe from 2003 to 2009, before this she was with Meg Ryan for a year. Then in 2010, John and Brooke Burns got into love relationship which they broke in 2011. Apart from these ladies, John dated several others but never married any.  


19. Drew Carey

Drew Carey has a good relationship with fiancée Nichole but they cut off their engagement later. It is believed that started dating a sex therapist from 2017.


Drew Carey is a package of every skill, he is a comedian, actor, game show host, and sports executive who previously served for the U.S. Marine Crops. He was engaged with fiancée Nichole, Drew approached her in 2007, later they cut off their engagement in January 2012.

Soon after the breakup, he moved on with his new blonde girlfriend in 2012 itself. He developed a bond with Kelley Whilden. Later in 2017, he was seen with a sex therapist Dr. Amie Nicole Harwick. They started dating within a month of their meeting.

20. Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron says wedding ceremony is not essential to keep a love relation safe and happy. She later confessed that she wants to have a long-term relationship but not marriage.


Charlize Theron is a single mother of a girl and a boy who has not married yet. This actress and producer who consider that married as a legal right is not interested in exercising it.  In 2011 she stated, "Some would say because I come from a very troubled marriage, my parents did not have a good marriage, but I don’t think it's that.'

She continued, "It's divine right, … I think everybody has that right." Later she revealed that she also wants a long-term relationship. Charlize believes the wedding ceremony is not really necessary for a relationship with other people.

21. New Block