Fact Check: Is Tim Boss CEO Arrested? Charges Details

Tim Boss CEO was arrested by the local police of North Carolina.

Being a successful promoter for several years, Tim Boss CEO has been in multiple cases now with the N.C police.

He was arrested for the unknown reason as the local police kept their lips-tight when asked about the charges.

Further, he was given hard time by the police before being hand-cuffed. Tim Boss CEO’s companion had asked the reason behind his arrest but was answered nothing.

Prior to his arrest, he was hand-cuffed by the police back in 2019 in his own home.

Remembering the case, he has stated that his arrest in his own home was the most humiliating experience of his life. He was hand-cuffed for tripping his home security alarm mistakenly by the N.C police despite showing his I.D.

Kazeem Oyeneyin aka Tim Boss CEO feels that the reason for the humiliation was because of his skin color. Meanwhile, he is assumed to be released as his Insta story has seen him riding in his car.

Tim Boss CEO Girlfriend

Tim Boss CEO does not have a girlfriend.

He is a father of 2-year-old son Tim Junior but the mother of his son has not come into the public.

Tim Junior was welcomed by father Tim Boss and his unidentified mother on the 8th of February, 2018.  

Likewise, his relationship history is not known as well. He is not linked with anyone lately.

Tim Boss CEO Net Worth

The net worth of Tim Boss CEO is not calculated.

However, he is known to be one of the successful music promoters from North Carolina.   

He is an owner of a lounge and rides a luxury car Rolls Royce. In addition, he has been living in north Raleigh for years now.