Ezequiel Campa's Wikipedia And Bio 

We have to wait some more time to see the Argentinian actor on this platform. 

Ezequiel Campa is an Argentinian actor who hails from the loving city of Buenos Aires. 

Campa has appeared in a TV series called Cartoneros and Guapas. He had played the role of Ulises in the mini-series Todos contra Juan. 

One of Ezequiel's early roles was in the 2006 film Director's Cut. 

He has over 230,000 followers on Instagram. To follow his account, you have to type @ezequielcampa and you surely fin his account. 

In the 2012 film Vinyl Days, he had starred with Fernan Miras. 

What Is The Age Of Ezequiel Campa? Edad 

Ezequiel Campa is 45 years old. 

This July, he turned 45 from 44. He was born in 1976. 

He celebrates his birthday on July 15th.

On Ezequiel Campa's Family 

Details of his family are not explored as of yet. This is because Ezequiel has never openly talked about his family. 

He has remained silent. Never once, Campa has brought the topic of his parents, siblings, or relatives. 

It looks like the artist prefers not to reveal their information. The reason for this might be he does not want to invade their privacy. Once a person gets attention from the public, it becomes quite difficult to leave a normal life. 

Net Worth Of Ezequiel Campa

The official and verified net worth of Ezequiel Campa is unavailable. 

Sources like Net Worth List, Celebrity Net Worth, Net Worth Post, and Wealthy Gorilla have not calculated his total earnings and published them on their website. 

However, his Youtube channel Ezequiel Campa makes an estimated revenue of $1.3K  -  $20.9K. This analysis was provided to us by SocialBlade

Ezequiel's Youtube channel has got 171k subscribers. He gets a lot of views. On a video, Campa had received half a million views. 

As of now, 15,494,122 million viewers have seen his content. Most of his viewers are from Latin America.