Evodia Mogase Age, Husband, Baby, House, Instagram (Real Housewives of Johannesburg)

She has been awfully confidential about her personal life ever since embarked in the showbiz. And the Real Housewives of Johannesburg Evodia Mogase continue to keep her profile low key concealing even the details of her birth date and age.

The audience is more than keen and curious to know what Evodia Mogase age might be since she looks as evergreen and drop-dead gorgeous even after the years of work stress and hassle in television.

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Who is Evodia Mogase Husband? Does she have a baby?

After the awful separation from her husband, it was quite brave and bold of Evodia Mogase to move on in her life and seemingly build an empire on own.

While the reality star never displays an interest in speaking about her relationship on a public platform and strongly believes to leave the past behind, sources have confirmed that Mogase was contentedly married to a guy ahead of her career in television.

The couple relished a blissful marital life over the years until she found out that her partner had been cheating on her with multiple women. To get over from the bitter relationship, she filed for divorce in 2009 yet helped him set up a successful firm in Limpopo.

Blessed with two girls Mercy Mogase and Princess Mogase, Evodia has been recently living with her partner whose identity is yet a secret to her fans. Her all-grown-up baby girl Mercy is a rising model and businesswoman who had guest starred in the reality show alongside her mom.

The Real Housewives of Johannesburg famed Evodia Mogase Bio

Born and brought up in Diepkloof, Soweto, Evodia Mogase was born to Reuben Mogase and Louisa Mogase. Her dad was employed as a salesman while her mom worked in a factory to provide enough to the family.

Regardless of growing up in a middle-class household, Evodia was instilled moral values and good work ethic by her parents for which she is always grateful to them. She had studied at the University of North from where earned a degree in education.

Since graduating from the college, Mogase took the job of a biology teacher in Limpopo for a year and started own catering business. Started with a small business, her company soon flourished as it bagged a five-year contract with Eskimos as well as a catering contract for cleaning services.

Upon realizing the fact that the vegetation specialists at Eskom are only men, she decided to study environmental management and began working in the field.

Evodia Mogase Instagram

It would be quite fair to label Evodia Mogase as a social media sensation since she has more than 104k followers on her Instagram. Recognized with a stage name Madam, Evodia is quite active on social media and keeps sharing the posts from her travel, fitness routine and private life.

Through her social media account, Mogase also gives a peek of her lavish lifestyle and relationship with her kids and partner to her fans.

Evodia Mogase also flaunts her sprawling extravagant house including expensive goodies, designer handbags and shoes from elite fashion house like Prada.

She has publicly confessed to having treated own-self with luxurious items and automobiles such as Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes-Benz A 250.