Watching movie is probably fun and the best way to having a good time with close people. But there are many secrets that the movie theaters keep hiding from us. You might also have sensed unusual about movie theaters if you watch movie somewhat regularly.

Some of them are quite strange and while you will be reading this post you might also find some shocking facts which you might not even have imagined.


1. Movie Theatre Volumes are hazardous for the ears

Well, that is no bizarre. The extreme sound is always risky and dangerous for the ear that could cause a hearing problem. So, Movie theatre should really need to maintain the standards, regulations, and requirements.

However, Movie theatres infrequently follow them and action movies with a bomb blast, battle scene, high pitch shout and scream, and gunshot weaken your eardrums. During these scenes, movie theatre frequently surpasses the permitted sound level.

Beware of such types of action movies on the big screen with thrilling sound. According to the rough data, over 40 million Americans are suffering from the hearing problem. Despite the fact that this audio could make a man deaf, people are still risking their life for few hours of fun.

At least for your betterment, avoid too many actions movies on the big screen. Just remember, hearing is the most precious part of human life. So, don’t lose them just for few hours of fun, think for the rest of your life.

2. Popcorn is not always fresh enough

Movie is always incomplete without Popcorn. Having fresh popcorn in a theatre is sometime a big illusion. Even though, the popcorn you have bought before the show is warm but that doesn’t grantee a complete freshness.

Movie Theaters are untrustworthy as they are making fool out of you. That’s probably sure that they are mixing the stale popcorn with the fresh one. Actually, they are playing with your health and you are enjoying it a lot.

In comparison to other food, Popcorn are remain last long. Generally, if all were not sold out, they will pack up the remaining popcorn and store in the plastic bags. The very next days, they will simply heat it out and sell them again since early morning.

3. Combo deal will not save your money

Combo deal is actually a strategy to sell the overall product. Every time, you go for shopping, shopkeepers give you combo deal that you can’t deny at all. It’s the same in a movie theatre.

Combo deal consisting of soda, popcorn, and other snacks won’t come at a cheap price. Even though they claim to be a money saver, but if you add up all price separately then you’ll find no big difference.  Actually, they are selling their entire product at one time.

You could have good dinner than snacking combo pack during the show.  It would be really a money-saving scheme if you end up buying just one. The next thing, Combo deal includes the item that you haven’t ordered. Eventually, it will make you broke.


4. Due to tight schedule, the movie theatre is not cleaned properly

Well, if you think movie theatre is neat and clean, then you probably haven’t noticed its floor. You need to; they are dirty and sticky even though the employ cleans it after every show. One of the reasons could be the tight schedule.

Right after the show they just get few times to clean it up. Cleaning the whole movie theatre in a very short period of time is a big task.  So, they just manage to clean lightly and carelessly, just to hide the dirt.

Actually, they are not cleaning the mess, just trying hard to hide their faults. The whole floor is properly cleaned only at night time, they get enough time at that time. So, it’s worth carrying sanitizer, if you are planning for the movie.

5. Workers find easier to pick the thrash if it is placed on the seat not under it

The next time, you get into a movie theatre, check under your seat. But be strong or else you may vomit. As I have already mentioned about the cleaning schedule in the above block, the worker simply sweeps the trash under the seat. That’s looks really filthy.

Sometimes you can find ants crawling on the waste popcorn. Actually, it not their fault, they just don't get enough time for the cleaning and being option less they just put them under the seat.

So, it would be better to take it with you and bin it properly, If not keep them in the seat instead of throwing all around the floor. So that worker finds easy to collect them and trash them right after the movie.  

6. Popcorn smell is a trap

It’s miraculous that every theatre’s popcorn smells alike as if it is the signature smell of Movie Theater. Entered inside the movie theater and didn’t buy popcorn that sounds weird. Its smell compels you to buy it.

We all know that Taste and smell of popcorn in a movie theatre are out of this world. That enticing smell of popcorn compels us to be in line even if our show starts.

There are few reasons why all are behind that popcorn line and cannot resist that tempting smell of popcorn. Actually, they have their own ingredient; it’s not only butter but also fragrant additives that smell good.

They add a mixture of coconut and canola for the taste and smell. Not only that, some of the movie theatres also uses synthetic additives.  That not really good for health. So, it would better to take only little amount popcorn.


7. Popcorn price are unreasonably overpriced

In fact, Movie theatre made a large profit from popcorn and snacks. That is why movie theatre doesn't allow the outside product inside the movie theatre periphery. They left you to option less. Eventually, you have to buy all those overpriced nachos, pizzas, popcorn and drink at the theatre.

They just compel you to buy, because no movie is just fine without snacks. As per the research, 10.5 oz. of popcorn in the movie theatre is more costly compared to good quality steak. The price of popcorn is so high that at that same price you could have eaten a good snack in a small restaurant.

Actually, the snacks are also not of good quality. In the United States, a large bucket of popcorns costs $8, whereas they bought it for $1. The price is 8 times greater than the original one. If we add that ingredient price also, still $8 is unjustly overpriced.

8. Movie theatre don’t make money from movies

In fact, Movies don’t make them the most money. It’s true, that the expensive ticket you bought doesn’t really make them rich enough.  As we all know it’s really a big mess to maintain the movie theatre on a big scale.

Actually, it’s really a big deal to make a lot of money just from the movie. As a matter of fact, they only get profit at the initial month of the movie released. That could also be the reason behind that overpriced popcorn, as they have maintained the theatre and employs payroll.

 All the huge amount of collection is received by the studio that released the movie. They can be able to make a huge profit only if the movie has been playing continuously for two to three months and more, then only they can be able to make a huge chunk of profit.

9. The movie time is just a lie

Due to fear of missing movie, we always enter movie theatre on time. However, regular cinemagoers always arrive late and still they get on right time.  Actually, prior to the show, there are several movie trailers and commercials. It actually propaganda they want to watch all those things.

So, if you are getting late then chill and don’t yell on your companions.  You are just missing all those useless stuff. Now you can easily get in the line to buy all that junk popcorn and enjoy the movie.

Although the movie starts few minute after the given time it ends right on the given time. In fact, this is because the workers could get sufficient time to clean all the trash.  


10. Until 1981, Seats did not have cup holders

Just imagine, what people used to do? How they hold their cup? It’s really weird that movie theatres were without cupholders until 1981. Fixing that large cup in between two legs is unimaginable.  However, the invention of the cupholder in 1981 is a great achievement for movie theaters.

It was launched right about 60 years after the air-conditioned were equipped in the movie. But popcorns were introduced during World War II, as the replacement of candy when there is a shortage of sugar.