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Eva Visnjic Age (Goran Visnjic wife) Net Worth, Family, Children, Wiki, Height
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You are bound to appear in the spotlight if your other half is a celebrity. Similar is the case of Eva Visnjic.

Eva is famous as a wife of Croatian-American actor and producer Goran Visnjic. Moreover, she was a Croatian sculpture.

Additionally, she knew how popularity felt before her marriage. In fact, her father Antun Vordoljak was a Croatian film director.

Antun has 21 credits for his movie direction. Almost 90, he is a legendary icon in an around movie industry in Croatia.

Here, you will know more about Eva Visnjic, her family and children. Moreover, follow up for her age, net worth and bio.

How old is Eva Visnjic Age? Her Wiki

Eva Visnjic has not faced the lights of the camera. Moreover, she may have appeared alongside her husband but has never been part of an interview.

As a result, it’s difficult to know details about her personal life. Similarly, Goran also doesn’t talk much about his wife and rather focuses on his professional life.

Apparently, there is no information about her date of birth. Therefore, there is only one way to find out her age and that’s her looks and pictures.

Assumedly, Eva must be in her 40s. She is charming for sure. But she has some signs of being adult and that’s normal for someone in their 40s with children.

On the other hand, Goran Visnjic is 47 years old as of 2019. In fact, they are the perfect match seeing the age differences.

Despite the factual data, she was born in Croatia. Likewise, she also grew up in her native soil. details about her education are not available for now.

Eva Visnjic’s net worth is under review


Eva Visnjic may be the daughter of a famous director. But she has her own career and achievements.

Born as Ivana Vrdoljak, she is an artist and a sculptor. She worked her entire life as a designer. In fact, an artist can have quite a hefty sum of net worth.

As of 2019, her net worth is under review. More or less, the amount should be around $100,000.

Likewise, her husband Goran Visnjic himself has a net worth of approximately $5 million. Likewise, they have a common marital home at the island of Hvar.

They had a beautiful mansion in Los Angeles which they sold in 2015 for reported $5 million.

Eva Visnjic and Goran Visnjic are married since 1999 – A Details on Family and Children

Eva Visnjic is a daughter of Antun and Branka Vrdoljak. She is a Croatian by birth. Ascending as a daughter of the director and an actress, she has herself built the family with one.

Eva and Goran met back in the 90s when Goran used to feature in the Croatian movies and Eva was a daughter of a director.

Eventually, they started dating and tied the knot some time of the year 1999. They had a biological child. Additionally, they adopted 2 more, a son and a daughter.

Vivien, Vigo, and Tin are the children from the relationship. Likewise, Goran also has a daughter Lana Rupic from his affairs with Mirela Rupic.

How tall is Eva’s height?

There are no facts to support her exact height. However, looking at pictures, she is almost a feet shorter than Goran.

Therefore, Eva Visnjic’s height must be around 5 feet and 5 inches.