Ethiopian Airlines Crash: Pilot, Crew Members list, 149 Passengers Died

An Ethiopian Boeing carrying 157 people on board crashed while on route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, Ethiopian papers reports. No survivors among 157.

An Ethiopian Boeing 737-800MAX on its route to Nairobi crashed on Sunday, Ethiopian PM office confirms. 737-800MAX was carrying 157 people, 149 passengers, and 8 crew members. The Ethiopian Broadcaster Company reported there were no survivors among the 157 people, from 33 different countries. 

The Boeing 737-800MAX was on to a regular scheduled flight to Nairobi, Kenya when it came down after a few minutes of takeoff. The Boeing took off at 8:38 am UTC and lost contact at 8:44 am. The plane crashed near a small town Bishoftu which is 60 km southeast to Addis Ababa. The flight was only a few months old, having successfully taken the first flight last October. 707-800MAX was one of Africa’s largest aircraft.

The PM office, on behalf of the Ethiopian government, issued it’s heartfelt condolences to the families to have lost their loved ones on the crash.

The Ethiopian Airlines claimed they would do anything on their power to assist on emergency services.

In the last 16 years, it’s the fifth Ethiopian flight accident leaving no survivors.

Ethiopian Flight Incidents in the last 16 years

1 June 2002: Flight 113 was hijacked on its route to Addis Abab from Bahir Dar. Two hijackers were shot dead on the flight leaving one of the crew members injured during the hijacking. The flight was landed safely at Addis Ababa.

25 January 2010: Flight 409 which was on a scheduled flight Beirut to Addis Ababa crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. The flight crashed shortly after took off and was carrying 90 people, most of them were Ehtopian.

17 February 2014: An Ethiopian Flight 702 was hijacked on its route to Addis Ababa to Rome. The flight was forced to land in Geneva airport. Flight 702 was landed successfully with only remaining 10 minutes of fule despite one engine was shot.

10 January 2015: An Ethiopian Boeing 737-400 was damaged during a runway excursion at Ghana airport. There were no casualties.

10 March 2019: Boeing 737-800MAX crashed within a few minutes after it took off from Addis Ababa. The Boeing was on a scheduled flight to Nairobi in Kenya. 737-800MAX was carrying 157 people including 198 passengers and 8 crew members. There were no survivors.