Esme Murphy Age, Husband (WCCO) Wikipedia, Bio, Salary, Family

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Esme Murphy Age, Husband (WCCO) Wikipedia, Bio, Salary, Family

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Esme Murphy is the current Sunday morning anchor and correspondent for ‘WCCO-TV’. She is one of the leading journalists, who showcase outstanding work and great work ethic.

Esme’s journalistic career spans more than two decades, during which she covered and reported many groundbreaking stories.

For her outstanding reporting, she has won many major broadcast awards including the Associated Press First Place Awards.

While Esme’s professional career is on the rise, here’s everything you need to know about WCCO-TV’s longtime reporter!

How old is Esme Murphy? Her Age

It’s no wonder that middle-age Esme Murphy can make extra cash modeling because she doesn’t seem to age.

Most people recognize Esme for nearly two decades of career at WCCO-TV. And, Esme’s beauty and style hasn’t faded over the year.

While she hasn’t disclosed her precise date of birth, we can’t actually report on her actual age for now. But, she appears to embrace the natural aging process!

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Is Esme Murphy Married? Her Husband and Family

Esme Murphy loves her profession and her family. And, if it wasn’t for her work as a television reporter she wouldn’t have a family.

That’s true – Esme Murphy met her future husband when she interviews him. At the time, Mr. David was actively involved with a community group to help start the Cedar Lake Bicycle Trail.

Esme and David’s relationship flourish over time and two now has a beautiful family. It seems like David not only got the bike trail, but he got the girl as well!

While Esme hasn’t disclosed single details about her wedding, she is going from strength to strength with her husband.

Esme’s husband, Mr. David Klopp owns many furniture stores in the Twin Cities called ‘Sofas and Chairs’. Esme’s wonder family resides in The Twin Cities.

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Esme Murphy’s Wikipedia and Bio

Esme Murphy doesn’t have her Wiki page but her brief bio is readable on a few websites all over the internet.

She is a New York native but recently resides in Minnesota in the Twin Cities area with her family.

Esme began her career in television reporting right after graduating from Harvard University in Massachusetts.

Around that time, she worked as a reporter in CBS in Chattanooga in Southeastern Tennessee, says Marathi. After some time there, she settled in Memphis and spent a while serving at the ABC station.

Minneapolis, Minnesota propelled the reporter in becoming a household name after she joined the WCCO-TV in December 1990. Esme also presents the weekly talk show on WCCO Radio. And, she has looked back ever since.

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How much is WCCO’s Esme Murphy Salary?

Working in television is fun, exciting as well as rewarding. And, Esme Murphy is one of the successful TV reporters with years of experience and knowledge.

She is one of the most celebrated television reporters of this century. Esme is popular for her fearlessness in reporting and bold prowess in the industry.

Esme has been with WCCO-TV for nearly 20-years now and she draws hefty paycheck each other.

However, she hasn’t revealed the actual figure of her salary or net worth to date.

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