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HGTV Erin Napier’s Bio Including her Baby, Blog, Age, Hair, House, Net Worth. Erin Napier was a graphic designer before establishing an international stationery company-Lucky Luxe and she is also a co-owner of Laurel Mercantile Co.

Along with that she is also a co-host of a HGTV show called “Home Town”. The show reflects her passion of revitalization of small towns and Americana considering all the goods of her company are produced in USA and mostly used in USA.

Family, Parents, and Early Life

Erin Napier was born on 30th August, 1985 in Laurel, Mississippi and continued her childhood, her high school until she attended college and she would meet her future husband-Ben Napier in those college years. She pursued Graphic Design as her subject and excelled at that and later on she went to launch her own design company called as “Lucky Luxe” and it has very interesting and almost accidental beginning like that of discovery of X-ray.

After her college, Erin had launched a blog to showcase her freelance design which were pretty simple and generic graphics for weddings and birthday party invitations. They had simple typeface printed in ivory cotton paper in red and blue inks that reminded her of the November colors of the sky.

Apparently, her childhood friend was so impressed with the design she wanted an announcement card for her wedding. And Erin burst with all the creative energy she had it in her to make it pleasing. She made a classic design but unusually screen printed it on ivory handkerchiefs with laces around the edges.

She then posted its pictures on her blog named as “Lucky Luxe” and mailed the design to her friend and as she recalls after many years-that was the moment she knew what kind of design company she wanted to have.

After that many clients approached her to design for them and certainly a big name as Martha Stewart Weddings boosted her reputation and “Lucky Luxe”-the stationery company was launched. She has been very successful in her designing career.

Erin Napier Husband – Ben Napier and Children

Erin Napier got married to a southern man Ben Napier on 22 November, 2008 after meeting him in his college years. She opens up about how she was shy girl not demanding any attention but her husband being naturally outgoing and attending every forums in the college and that difference might have been reason for their successful and stable marriage.

After the marriage Erin’s husband Ben had a calling for woodworking and wanted to leave the job as a director of a youth ministry. It started with making a dining table and slowly he had started going more and more involved in the woodworking.

Together Erin and Ben redesigned and revamped many properties around their hometown and that only ignited Ben more and more to pursue his gift as a career. Again, like a gift bestowed upon their hands by the god Erin and Ben received an email from a woman in HGTV wanting to know more about their life after two hours Ben had wrote the resignation letter. And everybody knows what happened after that because a pilot for their show took off really fast and the show is still going strong.

In October, 2017 Erin shared the news of her pregnancy to the world via Instagram and together with her husband, she welcomed a baby girl in January 2018. Also with her blog, Lucky Luxe and a hit HGTV show, Erin Napier along with her friends has an online retailing company known as “Laurel Mercantile”.

Erin Napier Net worth – $5 Million Dollars

Because of successful businesses she is currently worth 5 million dollars. Also, she has published a book called “Make Something Good Today” which reflects her love of small towns, gratitude she has for a loving family and child.